Cooking Mama: Cookstar Reportedly Pulled for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Rumor has it, Cooking Mama: Cookstar has been pulled for cryptocurrency mining. But how true is this claim?

Players have been following the bizarre saga of Cooking Mama: Cookstar since it has been mysteriously removed without any explanation behind.

The game may seem like a typical laidback cooking sim series, but it may also be doubling as a secret system for cryptocurrency mining.

Rumors are circulating about how the game is allegedly using Nintendo Switch consoles for cryptocurrency purposes.

Removed after a few hours

In case you missed it, Cooking Mama: Cookstar was supposed to drop on March 26 but to everyone’s surprise, it was removed only after a few hours on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Nintendo then removed all traces of the title from the digital storefront. The official Cooking Mama Twitter handle and Nintendo also remained silent about the situation.

Shortly after, the rumor mill started to spread on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter about certain cryptocurrency mining claims.

“THIS IS URGENT apparently if you own Cooking Mama: Cookstar uninstall that immediately its using your system to mine cryptocurrency and potentially handing your personal info as well [as] credit to Cybershroom for the heads up”

These are all unconfirmed allegations but given the odd circumstances around its mysterious removal and the game’s previous fascination with blockchain, the idea doesn’t seem too far fetched.

Hence, many players were quick to believe the title might be an unwitting host of a crypto scam.

Developer finally refutes false claims

1st Playable, the developer behind the game, finally spoke up about the matter. They denied the accusations about Cooking Mama: Cookstar being used to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The involved devs took it to Twitter to firmly reassure the players that there was nothing  “shady” in the code. Zero.

“As the developers we can say with certainty there is no cryptocurrency or data collection or blockchain or anything else shady in the code. The Nintendo Switch is a very safe platform, with none of the data and privacy issues associated with some mobile and PC games.”

Shortly after, the official Cooking Mama: Cookstar Twitter handle also echoed the statement.

They had initially considered to use blockchain as means to enable users to trade in-game assets, but not to mine cryptocurrency.

“Cooking Mama: Cookstar, nor any of our other titles in the past or near future will utilize crypto technology.”

Speculated modes of cryptocurrency minings

Speculations about cryptocurrency minings aren’t new. In fact, there are instances in the past where hackers and even reputable companies are allegedly involved in cryptojacking processing power.

After the untimely passing of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, malicious hackers took advantage of fans who were searching for digital reminders and hid discreet HTML code in a Black Mamba desktop wallpaper.

The notorious code allowed these hackers to hijack processing power from these computers to mine cryptocurrencies even in remote places.

Even Youtube, the world’s leading online video sharing platform, has had its share of hijack attempts by cryptohackers.

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