Female Streamer Banned on Twitch for Wearing Undergarments?

Corinna Kopf was allegedly banned on Twitch for wearing undergarments.

She took it to Twitter to express her dismay over the platform’s decision to temporarily ban her account.

“i got banned tonight on twitch for wearing “undergarments”… i was wearing a chanel tank top. girls body paint on twitch and i get banned for that lmfao.”

One person on Reddit was quick to point out that the tank top Kopf was wearing on the stream was not even ban-worthy, considering what other female streamers get away with.

Girls wearing tank tops is considered as the current meta on the platform, to the point where it’s speculated how female streamers easily get partnership status for that exact type of content.

Since a tank top is considered as the standard attire of most female streamers, most female streamers on Twitch probably wore the same clothes at some point in their streaming career, or maybe something even less.

Kalei, a fellow female streamer, replied to her original tweet saying:

“you were wearing a legit cute top? if that’s the case and they banned you for that, they need to ban 75% of the females on just chatting currently, wearing the same thing if not worse. (not hating on anyone just saying the banning double standards on twitch are fucked)”

Another Twitch streamer was also quick to jump to Kopf’s defense:

“honestly imagine banning someone for a CROP TOP/TANK TOP. (LITERALLY CLOTHES) and calling it “lingerie” when girls stream w their vaginas out and body paint and other shit. like what lol”

However, one fan was bold enough to play devil’s advocate by guessing why Twitch considered her attire as “undergarments”.

The particular tank top allegedly looks more like a bra with a big ribbon on it than an actual tank top.

Not that anybody should be banned for wearing it on a livestream, but it somehow makes sense when you see a glimpse of the entire tank top and why Twitch staff probably thought it was undergarment.

There hasn’t been any update as of writing but we’re hoping this case gets resolved soon! Although this might be an honest case of misunderstanding on both parties, perhaps it’s time for Twitch to carefully review their community guidelines instead of banning streamers for wearing a tank top.

Do you think the ban is justifiable?

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