Must-have Items for Every Mobile Gamer


The rise of competitive Mobile eSports only means one thing— the industry is forecasted to grow bigger in the next few years.

With the increasing number of mobile gamers, it’s only imperative to make one’s mobile gaming experience as immersive as possible. Playing on a smaller screen compared to pc monitors is already a challenge in itself, but handheld devices also provide unique features such as portability and convenience.

Gaming accessories for mobile?

With high-end gaming phone releases such as the ASUS ROG Phone 3 and the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel, many would assume one doesn’t need any additional accessory for mobile gaming purposes. Having a smartphone that can play your games is more than enough.

However, this is nothing more than a widely-believed misconception. Just like gaming on PC, you also need additional peripherals to take the mobile gaming experience to the next level.

Trust us— you wouldn’t want to end up draining the battery health of your newly-bought smartphone in just a short amount of time because of gaming for long hours, or dealing with a cracked screen because you didn’t buy the right protective accessories for your phone.

Must-have items for every mobile gamer

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a pro mobile eSports aspirant, improve your entire mobile gaming experience through the help of the following gaming accessories for your smartphone:

Mobile gaming controller

Used to playing on controllers? Fortunately, there are great mobile gaming controllers you can use to take Mobile gaming to the next level.

The Razer Raiju Mobile, in particular, is a must-have for upgrading your mobile gaming experience, but only if you’re willing to spend out some extra cash!  This premium controller features tons of features and a durable, ergonomic design.

Although it comes at a price, it guarantees one of the best Bluetooth controllers for any smartphone. It also has remappable buttons which you can customize to your fitting and comes with an accompanying app where you can set up custom control profiles for various games.

With a study phone mount, this accessory can remember and instantly pair with two different phones over Bluetooth or through a wired connection.

The Steelseries Stratus Duo is another popular mobile game controller which is currently available for Android devices. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows, so players can seamlessly switch between mobile devices and PC.

This particular controller is also Steam-enabled, making it compatible with over 6,000 game titles made available on the popular gaming platform.

Finger sleeves

Worry no more about your sweaty fingers making it difficult to glide through your smartphone at ease! Finger sleeves are considered as the most basic accessory to have for every mobile gamer, especially if you’re playing fast-paced FPS or Battle Royale titles such as PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, or Garena Free Fire.

Majority of competitive mobile eSports pro players also make use of finger sleeves to avoid issues like their control fingers not sliding well. Using finger sleeves is generally a much better experience than using your sticky fingers while playing.

A highly-rated finger sleeve for gaming is the FlyDigi Wasp Finger Sleeve, which is sweat-absorbent, comfortable, and provides constant comfort friction. They are also sold in 10’s or by pack as well— so you can conveniently change your pair whenever you need new ones to use.

At first, you might lose a little bit of screen-feel and responsiveness, but just like any other thing— you will get used to it after a few practice matches.


Your smartphone might be enough to run fan-favorite mobile titles, but it will drain its battery at some point. Gaming, in particular, consumes too much battery on your handheld device.

To avoid going AFK on your ranked matches, make sure you have a power bank readily available nearby to charge your phone once you get that battery low notification.

For instance, the Anker Powercore is one ultraportable power bank with 26,800 mAh. It can charge 3 devices simultaneously at a faster pace than other power banks on the market, with up to 6 times charging capacity on modern-day phones and 2 times on tablets in a single charge.

This particular power bank also comes with a travel pouch for easy portability. It’s considerably a must-have to carry around especially if you like to play on-the-go, where there’s no power outlet around to make use of your charger.

Now, you can play anytime and anywhere!

Reliable headset

Just like playing on PC, you also need a reliable headset with microphone to fully enjoy your mobile multiplayer games. This will enable you to clearly speak to your teammates on Discord or through the in-game mic and hear them if they’re reporting about the whereabouts of the enemies.

A headset will also let you clearly hear approaching enemy footsteps on FPS or BR titles, compared to when you just let your phone on speaker mode. You can use this to your advantage so as not to get rushed or killed by the enemies often.

There are also specific gaming headsets with noise cancelling features, allowing you to indulge in your mobile titles to the fullest even when in a rather noisy or crowded area. If you’re aiming for a fully immersive experience, better add a gaming headset to your next shopping cart.

Some great options to consider are the Kingston HyperX Cloud earbuds, which has a unique silicone ear tip shape to ensure that your buds always stay in place. The proprietary design also helps reduce distracting ambient noise for a more immersive gaming experience.

It is also equipped with 14mm neodymium drivers to produce clear and crisp highs alongside deep and punchy bass, making it great even for everyday use.

L1R1 triggers

Mobile L1R1 Trigger Fire Buttons are perfect for FPS games on mobile, where users can avoid tapping the fire button by mistake or get less sensitivity and precision upon shooting by pressing buttons on such a small screen.

These external trigger fire buttons help mobile gamers improve their FPS performance and skills. Since they are physical buttons which you can play with using a 4-finger claw lay-out, these triggers help increase your shooting speed and of course, aim precision.

Worry no more about missing that one shot! You can easily aim and shoot while moving, without blocking the entire screen or map. Shoot your opponents quickly with your index finger while your thumbs are moving, without any delay.

The Leuna Mobile Game Controller L1R1 Game Triggers is a great choice for starters. Most notably, the triggers remain in place as you play and its touch sensitivity and responsiveness to the trigger push are considerably far superior compared to the rest.

Like the mobile gaming controller, having L1R1 game triggers will allow you to enjoy various mobile FPS titles just like playing on your favorite console!

With technology evolving by the day, there are also passive gaming triggers on the market that do not require any wireless connection with your smartphone. Yes, you read that right!

In particular, the FlyDigi Stinger Hardware Triggers utilize CapAir mapping technology— sending passive pulses to your handheld device to simulate a tap.

It has an auto-click functionality that simulates 8 taps per second on a screen, giving some players a competitive advantage in FPS shooter titles since they can easily fire multiple rounds using single-shot weapons such as semi-automatic rifles.

Phone cooler

Prevent your mobile phone from overheating! Having a phone cooler is a practical solution to help control your phone’s temperature, especially for gamers who spend long hours of playing and grinding non-stop.

Unlike a Gaming PC, smartphones generally do not have any system that supports removing heat from its processors so as to keep the devices thin and portable.

The Baseus Universal Mobile Phone Cooler is a great cooling system for your smartphone. It helps cool down your device by lowering its temperature to 16 ° C.

This particular phone cooler also provides a sensor for the current temperature of your handheld device, showing the value on the LED display in either Kelvin or Celsius.


We’re gonna add a disclaimer here: not all accessories we listed are for everyone. Of course, even without all of these accessories— you can still become good at your favorite mobile titles.

You may find some accessories to be initially burdensome as you adjust, and even after giving it some time, you may realize your gameplay is better off without it. That’s only natural.

The key to distinguishing if an accessory will be beneficial to your gameplay is if you give it a go. As the adage goes, you’ll never truly know unless you try.

Generally, these external add-ons are designed to improve your mobile gaming experience, especially if you’re aiming to be a part of the leaderboards and become a competitive mobile eSports player.

Remember that there are certain in-game advantages gained by using these accessories, especially on FPS shooters where aim precision plays a huge part in a match’s outcome.

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