Twitch Introduces New, Exclusive Esports Directory

Brace yourselves, competitive gamers and esports fans!

Live streaming giant Twitch recently launched a dedicated and exclusive directory for esports leagues, players, and teams.

The platform wants to include all leading games and professional players the Esports community deems important.

More intuitive and accessible

The decision is grounded on the goal to make esports streaming “more intuitive and accessible.”

Viewers flock in record numbers to watch global premier live esports competitions on the platform.

With the pandemic and recent events, Twitch also managed to break its all-time concurrent viewer record— which is enough reason for the platform to help viewers find esports content easily.

Twitch Esports confirmed the new update in a tweet:

“Esports now has a home on Twitch. 

Check out the Esports Directory to watch live events, catch up on past matches, and discover pro player’s channels.”

From NBA 2K to League of Legends tournaments, you can now browse on Twitch with ease.

Previously, it was somehow difficult for viewers to browse through the platform to look for something to watch.

Although it’s possible to sort content by category and see new broadcasts from the channels you follow, picking Esports-specific channels and videos require more effort.

Accessible Directory

The new esports section features a directory where fans can check out live tournaments, live pro players from competitive esports organizations, personalized recommendations from viewing history, and even a sub-directory of active tournaments.

Tune in to discover new esports channels, catch up from matches you missed, and maybe even learn a thing or two from your favorite pro players!

It is also designed to make it easier for viewers to find the games and events they are interested in, and discover new content they might like. Through the directory, you might end up liking and becoming a fan of a game you don’t know yet at this point!

The new Twitch directory exclusive to Esports content is expected to develop over the next few weeks.

Most competitive and premier global esports events

The Amazon-owned live streaming platform also signed a three-year broadcast deal with ESL and DreamHack. Hence, Twitch will be the exclusive digital partner for global major tournaments such as the ESL Pro League, ESL Pro Tour, DreamHack Open, DreamHack Masters, and IEM.

It will also be populated with some of the “most competitive and premier esports events” in the global gaming scene, like the League of Legends World Championship, ESL Katowice, Twitch Rivals, and the Rocket League Championships Series.

Twitch assures its community that it will continue to and add more events, channels, and gaming pros to keep the content updated.

In an official blog post, Twitch states:

“Esports continues to thrive in large part because of the enthusiasm, engagement, and feedback from esports fans on Twitch, and the Esports Directory is part of our commitment to making sure Twitch remains the best place to watch. We’re just getting started, and can’t wait for what’s to come.”

Check out the brand new Esports Directory here!

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