20 Best Valorant Streamers to Watch

As the adage goes, practice makes perfect. The key to improving your Valorant gameplay is to learn from the pros and put it into practice often. Some players learn from streamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming as well, especially those who have lots of FPS knowledge to share with others.

Here are 20 of the best Valorant streamers to watch if you’re aiming to improve your gameplays, game sense, and at the same time― be entertained.

1. Mendo

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Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson is both a pro player and streamer for Team Liquid. If you’re looking for a content creator who’s clearly passionate about Valorant, Mendo has some pro-level tips and tricks in store for you!

By watching his streams, you’ll realize how he’s in it because of passion, not because the game’s currently hyped up in terms of live streaming and its rising eSports scene. It’s time to learn about top level Valorant play and neat little tricks to go along with it! Don’t forget to check him out.

2. Flexinja

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If you’ve been playing Valorant for quite some time now, we’re pretty sure you’ve heard about Flexinja’s unbelievable gameplay in one way or another.

Flexinja’s crazy game sense makes him downright nasty with Omen. His insane combo of Shrouded Steps with Paranoia/Dark Cover makes the streamer literally own the match. Not to mention, his near-perfect aim continues to be a nightmare to his enemies.

3. Hiko

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There’s no better streamer to watch and learn from other than a pro player. Case in point: 100Thieves pro VALORANT player slash streamer Spencer “Hiko” Martin.

An ex-CSGO pro for teams Complexity, Cloud9, Liquid, Hiko’s content is a great resource for pretty much anything game sense related, questions and thought processes. He’s known to be a beast with agents like Cypher, Phoenix and Breach.

Expect nothing but the best plays from Hiko, his insane ACEs, clutches and ultimate frags. His in-game skills make him one of the most popular Valorant streamers on Twitch as he often sits atop the most-watched channels on the platform.

4. AverageJonas

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If you’re looking for a Valorant streamer with insane map awareness and a deep understanding of the game, Jonas “Average Jonas” Navarsete is your guy.

His entertaining streams are filled with light-hearted brash talk, along with absolute insane plays like crazy darts while playing Sova. AverageJonas has a whopping 245k followers on Twitch and he’s also currently a Content creator for Team Liquid.

5. Unidaro

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Viper mains can learn so much from watching Unidaro. Although she is considerably a difficult character to master, Unidaro’s plays make it seem so easy that it’s almost inspirational every time you tune in.

Then again, you won’t master Viper just by watching how the pros play her. You also need to put in some practice time, along with checking Unidaro’s recent gameplays. That’s one effective equation to mastering Viper!

6. Flights

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T1 Flights has joined the conversation! Flights recently revealed a long awaited announcement as he joins the popular eSports organization T1. He is most known for unleashing the unlimited potential of Raze, especially the potential of the Blast Pack.

Flights have successfully redefined the way Raze can be played, both in professional tournaments and casual plays. In particular, his Blast-Pack & Showstopper combos leaves his allies, enemies and viewers all in awe of his incredible talent.

7. Rambo

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Ron “Rambo” Kim is a former world champion Counter-Strike professional player and long term coach, and his Valorant content is specifically dedicated to helping new players get better at the FPS title.

His helpful content is good for someone new to Valorant or FPS games in general; where you’ll learn Aiming tips and tricks, warm-up routines, and more.

8. Heylauren

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Lauren is a self-dubbed Twitch “content creator, FPS master, and e-girl extraordinaire.” Her Valorant streams are always refreshing to watch, especially if you’re looking for chill and fun broadcasts.

Her personality plays such a huge appeal towards her audience. For instance, she claims she “likes to play shooty bang bang games and say funny things woohooooo.” This is already a great glimpse of the content creator’s silly personality.

9. Kephrii

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When it comes to having the best overall ability on Valorant, Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre should be on your to-watch list! This VALORANT esports player is also a streamer who focuses on competitive First Person Shooter games.

Fun fact: his streams’ impossibly foolish moments easily characterizes his entire online persona. This makes him a delight to watch!

10. Aceu

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Brandon “Aceu” Winn previously made a name for himself in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title Apex Legends, but now he’s ventured into developing a career in Valorant

He goes pretty fully for aggression. Aceu is known for playing Jett, one of Valorant’s most mechanically-intensive agents. His Jett play is entirely on a different level, as he uses his aggressive playstyle to successfully outmaneuver his opponents.

11. Excali

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A professional VALORANT player for Team Mahi, Excali shows the rest of the player community what it’s like to go pro in the competitive scene through his Valorant gameplays on YouTube.

If you’re aspiring to join the ranks of pro eSports players in Valorant, it might do you some good to watch and learn how the pros play. Keep in mind that ranked games and its eSports scene are two entirely different things.

12. Sinatraa

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Jay “Sinatraa” Won is no stranger to the eSports scene. A former competitive Overwatch player, he’s now a Valorant professional eSports player under Sentinels. Outside competitive tournaments, he also streams his gameplays on Twitch.

He has proven himself an expert on Sova, Raze, and Phoenix. Sinatraa’s flair and high speed gameplay makes him a very unpredictable player who maximizes his utility.

13. AnnieDro

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In 2020, Annie “AnnieDro” Roberts broke gender stereotypes in eSports as she became one of the first female players to hit the well-coveted Radiant rank in Valorant. Her streams generally bring jolly, good vibes and LGBTQIA+ representation on Twitch.

Currently, she plays competitive Valorant for Cloud 9 White. As one of the very few female players who went to play professionally, she serves as an inspiration to many gamer girls around the world!

14. Fuslie

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Fuslie is a known Twitch variety streamer, mostly doing Just Chatting streams, variety gaming, and singing at the ends of her stream. Her Valorant streams are a great pick if you want to tune in to a fun and chill gameplay.

During Valorant’s early days, she was seen playing Riot’s new FPS with fellow content creators Valkyrae, Pokimane, xChocobars, and Starsmitten.

15. Bnans

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Hannah “bnans” Kennedy, aka shroud’s lady love, is more than just a pretty face. She’s also a masterful gamer, as observed in her occasional Valorant, Rust, and Among Us streams. More gamer girls are truly on the rise to break traditional stereotypes!

Aside from her gaming livestreams, bnans also does Just Chatting broadcasts on Twitch.

16. Sykkuno

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With over 2 million followers on Twitch and YouTube, Sykkuno made it among the most recognizable names in streaming for the past year. His rise to fame has been steady ever since he temporarily moved into the Offline TV (OTV) house.

His Valorant gameplay streams, in particular, shows how he pops off hard in matches and sometimes single-handedly winning team fights. Suffice to say, he’s consistently impressing others with his mad FPS skills.

17. Sydeon

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Sydney aka Sydeon is another variety streamer on Twitch with a love for comic books and basically anything superhero/magic/sci-fi related. Her love for pop culture makes it easy for her audience to relate and form a connection with her.

Her bubbly personality is evident even when she does frequent gameplay streams on Valorant, which is refreshing to watch!

18. iiTzTimmy

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A self-confessed big fan of FPS icon Shroud, iiTzTimmy’s Valorant plays are nothing short of impressive. In fact, he frequently shows off his exceptional top-tier gunplay and ninja-like stealth on Valorant.

Pulling off flanks on his broadcasts are nothing new. He also manages to snag the ace and help his team win two-vs-five gunfights. What a star, right?

19. ShahZaM

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Shahzeb “ShahZaM” Khan is currently a professional Valorant player for Sentinels. He was previously a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player that has played in a variety of teams.

On his regular Valorant streams, his Jett is considered as one of the best. Many fans agree how the eSports pro slash Twitch streamer is underrated. Expect crazy clutches to insane plays from ShahZaM!

20. itsRyanHiga

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Does the name ‘RyanHiga’ ring a bell? This YouTuber slash Twitch streamer is currently finding a new passion by sharing his live gameplays, which is nothing but relatable to the average Valorant player.

Dealing with ranked losing streaks? Wanting to uninstall the game after a series of bad games? We’ve all been there. Join RyanHiga on Twitch for lots of chats, giggles, gaming and positivity.

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