20 Best League of Legends Moments

Here are 20 of the best League of Legends moments, captured through clips. Don’t worry, the list isn’t all about pro eSports gameplays— as it also includes some casual plays, interviews, and streaming clips.

1. Huge Yasuo Escape by Faker

Faker has proved his League skills countless times now, that his smooth Yasuo escape in this particular clip isn’t anything surprising. In fact, we expect nothing less from South Korea’s LoL superstar himself.

He is undoubtedly considered as the greatest of all time (GOAT) in LoL, winning 3 World championships, garnering the most regional titles of any player, and dominating League for a massive part of his eSports career.

Many agreed how this Yasuo escape gameplay was some next-level play, which just proves Faker is living up to his “Unkillable Demon King” moniker.

His whole commentary is pretty funny to watch, mainly because of the casual nature in which he says: “How am I gonna escape?” “This doesn’t seem to be the right way” and “I don’t really want to die.”

2. Ruler’s 4 weapon combo

The League Worlds 2020 has seen so little of Aphelios, which is a stark contrast to his overwhelming presence at the beginning of the year. The champion has received consistent nerfs to tone down his competitive viability— but in a game against Fnatic, Gen.G’s Ruler showed that Aphelios can still be considered as a strong pick. That is, if the player knows how to make the most out of his abilities.

The play started out rather sour for GG, as Life was getting engaged on by Leona (played by Hylissang) thus taking tons of damage. With Rekkles’ Senna, Fnatic’s team damage output wasn’t strong enough to finish off a Taric. GG seized the opportunity to turn the tables around, as Life kept Ruler alive to get a double kill at level four.

3. Annie’s Combo Wombo

Talk about a perfect combo wombo! With the right time and right placement— Kashin’s Annie earned a triple kill after flawlessly landing her skill combos, after a neat set and quick back-up by his allies.

Kashin summoned Tibbers at the very right moment, which is something Annie mains should take note of! It’s always crucial to make use of her ult during important moments, such as engaging in a team fight.

4. C9 Meteos Jungle Stream

In what seems like a swift take down of Ahri by C9 Meteos (playing Poppy), his victory was rather short-lived as he had the enemy minions trail after him in a critical state with vengeance in their heads.

One thing is for sure, he didn’t seem to be expecting that. All Meteos wanted was to plot his swift escape, but alas, Ahri’s lingering destructive presence and the enemy minions didn’t allow him to do that! Fs in the chat, boys.

5. Ahri plays LoL

Who doesn’t get charmed by Ahri, the ridiculously beautiful nine-tailed fox?

If you’re one of those League players wishing for Ahri to take on a human form, here’s the closest thing you can get: ruruq_q putting on a striking Ahri cosplay outfit while playing. It’s like watching Ahri herself play the titular League of Legends game. How cool is that?

Anyway, we applaud ruruq_q for her creative strategy at luring in those coveted views.

6. NA Jensen Baron Steal

Let’s talk about Jensen’s miracle Baron steal in a match between Team Liquid and Suning, because seriously, this just proves how next-level play is required in League’s pro scene. If it were played on a solo queue match, Jensen would most likely get four honors afterwards.

Team Liquid was getting trampled on by Suning; as they were down five kills, four towers, three dragons, an ocean soul, and Baron. However, popular mid laner Jensen stepped up his game and stole the Baron in an attempt to turn the match around.

Although it wasn’t enough for the team to win the match, TL turned it from a one-sided stomp to a much closer race, all thanks to Jensen’s next-level play.

7. Korean caster meltdown

Have you ever watched eSports casters just have a total meltdown on stream? Watch these South Korean casters have a meltdown on the last Baron call during the match between SKT and G2 esports. They were going full-on Super Saiyan mode.

Although the clip was in Korean, they pretty much repeated the same line, ‘the baron…’ which is just a grievance for the fact that SKT lost then and there. The rest of the commentary is a little self explanatory, a description of what’s currently happening on screen.

8. Kick into Thresh hook

Faker lee kicks into Madlife Thresh hook at the 2019 All Star Event – Showmatch. TheShy couldn’t seem to believe that just happened either, just watch his reaction shortly after.

The smooth transition from his Resonating Strike into the ward hop to Dragon’s Rage TheShy into Madlife’s hook was like watching Bob Ross paint. In short, it was art. Many also considered it fun to watch Faker jungling with two of his ex-jungler teammates.

9. Zoe Oneshot

Watch this neat one shot Zoe clip in LCK, taking down the enemy Ezreal within just a blink of an eye. This clip is the very definition of “One shot, one kill.”

Many League players believe Zoe is the epitome of an antifun champion, since everything about her is frustrating to play against, from the E spam from walls, the QR spam, the W RNG. Her insanely high numbers also remain to be a challenge for a number of players.

10. Selfmade’s Evelynn is clean

In the 2020 Meta of carry junglers on League, Evelynn is less of a crowd-favorite — a hyper-carry jungler that’s rarely seen outside of the LEC. Other regions seem to favor the likes of Nidalee, Graves, and Lillia more.

However, Fnatic’s jungler Selfmade played Evelynn in a way that left the crowd impressed. Shortly after throwing a blue trinket over the wall to lock on his prey, Selfmade flashed and sent Doublelift’s Senna to the shadow realm with his flawless mastery of Evelynn’s combo. He escaped like a thief in the night afterwards.

11. No words on Froggen

We have absolutely no words on Froggen. Using Miasma before ult was really a clutch decision, and Insec pulling Woolite back into it so after he QSS’s he can’t flash away. Who knew Cassiopeia’s W ability would be so impactful?

For the record, Froggen was always good even on echo fox. People tend not to acknowledge him as much because he had been on underwhelming teams for the past couple of years.

12. Mistakes were made

Short, but precise! Here’s what YamatoCannon had to say when he was interviewed as to why the team picked a Poppy Jungler in a vital match during the EU LCS: “I actually f*cked up.”

Although the clip was largely taken out of context, Poppy on the Jungle role is something that hasn’t been seen in League’s pro scene over quite some time.

13. SofM’s Rift Herald heist

In a match between Suning and Machi Esports during the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage, SofM’s Rift Herald heist is one play that left the majority in shock. Cat burglar moves! SofM and SwordArt went for the Rift Herald, though quite risky, as all of Machi were missing on the map.

The two were later caught in a 2v3 fight, which had little hopes of winning. But in the middle of all the chaos, somehow, a well-aimed Nidalee spear by SofM secured the Rift Herald, thus denying it from Machi.

14. Faker shows how to use Hexflash

Wintrading, Faker style? Watch Faker fail to get over the wall with his first move, then failed another back-up move to get over the wall. The South Korean pro player had to make a walk of shame out of the dragon pit instead of securing an easy kill.

Fans were also quite relieved and happy to see Faker and the rest of the SKT players smile while playing. It’s like, collectively, everyone acts like their mom. The viewers just want to see them all happy and okay.

15. Playing jungle

Jungle mains, rise up! Watch this clip to know what it feels like to play jungle when all your lanes love to fight feat. Rush. This perfectly sums up the jungle role.

Scenarios like this where lanes just randomly become so volatile for selfish reasons makes playing Jungle role so frustrating. You cannot be on all lanes at the same time, yet your team is most likely to blame you for your absence. This is the eternal suffering of a jungler.


This list won’t be complete without any mention of loltyler1, one of the most popular League of Legends online personalities.

As he made a rather surprise appearance during an NA LoL Championship series match, he took the opportunity to promote his merch while on air— in such a way he won’t get any penalties. That’s some smart marketing moves there, bro.

17. The Spica Special

Spica flashes in for a huge teamfight win, a rather gutsy move for the rookie jungler! During the fifth game of a pivotal playoff series in 2020, TSM found themselves tied against Team Liquid with an LCS Summer Finals spot on the line. Hence, the next teamfight would greatly decide which squad would advance to the finals.

Spica, TSM’s upstart rookie jungler, took it upon himself to find one of the most impressive flanks on Shen— flashing into Liquid’s backline for a massive, tide-turning taunt. His gusty play in the river clearly helped TSM to win the series moments later.

18. Bin gets first pentakill in Worlds finals history

Though there’s a number of pentakills on the Worlds stage, no player had ever secured one in the final stage of the tournament. However, Suning’s top laner Bin is set to make history.

He successfully secured the first Worlds finals pentakill with Fiora, eventually leading  Suning to a victory just moments later.

19. Chovy with the Colossal Save

Chovy lands a massive taunt against Gen.G, thus turning the tides for DRX at the last possible moment with the clutch four-man taunt. He was able to set up three easy kills with a devastating combo.

If it weren’t for the notorious flash-taunt combo, Gen.G could have easily pushed towards the Baron pit on the heels of an easy victory.

20. ShowMaker lands the quadra

During the LCK Summer Finals, DWG mid laner ShowMaker proved his next level play by efficiently stealing the dragon and securing a quadra kill. After diving into the back-line and stealing the Infernal Drake, he solo-executed DRX’s jungler, Pyosik. He tore through the rest of DRX shortly after, with only one member left alive.

With over 3,200 damage done in just a single teamfight, ShowMaker nearly did more damage than everyone else in the clash combined. This makes it considerably the best play of the entire 2020 season.

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