20 Best PewDiePie Videos

Check out 20 of the best PewDiePie videos on the internet. Trust us, we’ve had a hard time curating this list because let’s be honest— there’s way too many iconic Pewds moments to mention. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Winning Most Handsome Face 2020

PewDiePie beat the likes of KPOP superstars BTS V and Jungkook, EXO Kai, and Stray Kids Hyun Jin as he topped the list of the World’s Most Handsome Face in 2020. This shocked not only the KPOP community but as well as the rest of the world.

As to what he has to say, he just comically said: “I get it. Kpop stans, please let me just have this.” Fret not, KPOP stans, maybe your oppas will top the list next year.

2. I’m Out

Everybody needs a break every now and then, even the big stars. In a video announcing his YouTube hiatus, PewDiePie went MIA for a short amount of time in early 2020 to get a well-deserved rest.

His announcement previously made headlines with some speculating it might be the end of this YT career— but the Swedish YouTuber later made a triumphant comeback. This isn’t the end for the legend.

3. Physics fail & Goat Simulator

Just a few days before the launch of Goat Simulator, PewDiePie was able to play an early release of the title. As he explored the game’s rather bizarre world, he visited a laboratory to discover how gravity works. Unfortunately, gravity was on strike at the same moment.

The title is infamous for its wonky physics engine. For instance, bumping into any object may shoot it into orbit— although most objects usually fall back down.

It didn’t seem like it when Pewds played, though. As he bumped into a chair, it stuck to the ceiling like velcro. His brain took at least 10 seconds to acknowledge the chair’s clear disregard for physics.

4. South Park Cameo

PewDiePie somehow magically hijacks Cartman’s holiday special video titled #HappyHolograms, wherein he was seen playing games. The episode also ends with Pewds thanking South Park for guest-starring in his video— not the other way around.

The YouTube superstar later posted a video, praising the crew behind South Park for the rare opportunity to be one of the show’s few guest stars. A truly iconic appearance!

5. Slender Reaction Facecam

At this point, PewDiePie has played way too many horror games- and OG fans know how classic Pewds horror gameplay videos aren’t short on scares.

In particular, watch the YouTube superstar play the OG Slender game at his purest and most terrified state. This includes some weird jokes that are of questionable appropriateness, being scared into a Game Over after the first monster encounter, and incoherent babbling and Swedish cursing.

The best part? He ends the vid with calming photos of cute kittens.

6. Helicopter Car

Together with fellow streamers Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, the group wanted to randomly create a helicopter out of junk on Garry’s Mod— a popular physics sandbox title.

Initially, they were able to staple together some gears, rods, planks, and chairs. They were in the middle of customizing their new creation when Pewds decided to add a car on its makeshift rotor. As soon as he removed the car, the helicopter propelled itself into the air. There was an attempt.

7. 100 YT subs special

Back in December 2010, PewDiePie celebrated his first 100 YT subs in a Call of Duty: Black Ops match, basically expressing his gratitude to everyone who supported him in his early career.

He personally thanked his subscribers and answered some personal questions. Back then, Pewds also stated he didn’t really aim to be famous— which is a stark contrast to where he is now. How time flies!

8. Reading mean comments

With great fame comes its share of criticism and the tendency to be cancelled. Alongside his army of 9-year-olds, Pewds also has more than a few haters that are persistently calling him out in the comments.

He turned the negativity into content for a new mini-series, where he addressed the comments out loud. What a great way to deal with the bashers, right?

9. Funny montage

Producing quite a number of funny content over the years, Pewds managed to make a funny montage of his own complete with his most ridiculous moments on YouTube.

This includes gunning his way through Dead Rising and Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Baking Simulator fails, and suffering through a Hot Sauce Challenge.

10. Flappy Bird

Who else remembers the notoriously popular game Flappy Bird? Like everyone else, Pewds also fell addicted to this game’s infuriating gameplay. The game’s premise is simple: it’s a side-scroller where the player controls a bird, attempting to safely fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them. Seems easy right?

Although it initially looked like a breeze to play through, Flappy Bird’s rather unfair mechanics quickly made Pewds annoyed— which later grew into seething hate. We’ve all been there.

11. Cards Against Humanity ft Marzia

A great number of the online community are already aware of how Pewds and Marzia make an adorable couple. Not only that, the pair also make quite a comedic duo in a video together.

Playing Cards Against Humanity, the world’s favorite card game of cringe, their answers were as dirty as they were hilarious. What’s more surprising is how Marzia whipped out some of the more taboo comments. They truly are meant for each other!


Watch PewDiePie attempt to ace the World’s Easiest Game, branded as “a puzzle game that is known as the easiest quiz in the world.” He seemed confident at first… but the end result was quite the contrary. Though the questions are said to be “super easy to answer,” Pewds failed the quiz like many others before him.

In utter disbelief, he apologized for failing the said test but hey, at least he admitted to have had fun! That’s more important, IMO.

13. bitch lasagna

In 2018, PewDiePie dropped some bars and attempted to become a rap god in “Bitch Lasagna,” dubbed as a TSeries Diss Track.

In case you missed it, the track dropped during the same time as the popular online competition between two YouTube channels, PewDiePie and T-Series (run by an Indian record company of the same name) as they clamored for the coveted title of being the most-subscribed YouTube channel. We’re not gonna lie, the beat is quite catchy!

14. Congratulations

Spoiler alert: T-series managed to beat Pewdiepie for being the most-subscribed YouTube channel in 2019. The great online war has finally concluded.

Did he just lose? Well technically yes, but this Congratulatory song proved that Pewds didn’t really “lose” in a way. He can sing, he can dance, he can rap, he can play games and make some of the most entertaining content on YouTube— he’s the real winner here, folks.

15. The Ruby PlayButton

50 million subscribers? Every aspiring YouTuber can only dream to achieve such a feat. In 2016, PewDiePie breached the 50M subscriber mark and was then rewarded with the well-coveted Ruby Play Button.

It’s rewarding to see Pewds unbox the fruit of his labor and hard work in this particular video! Well deserved.

16. Wedding day

This list won’t be complete without Felix and Marzia’s iconic and romantic Wedding footage in August 2019. YouTube has been a testimony to these lovebirds and the YT community in itself has grown quite fond of the pair as well.

Considerably one of the best couples on YouTube, their wedding footage is definitely an iconic moment in YouTube history. This video is nothing but wholesome!

17. YouTube Rewind 2018, but it’s actually good

The 2018 official YouTube Rewind video hid its community’s biggest moments to appease advertisers instead. Despite the star’s big impact on the platform, it did not feature PewDiePie in any capacity,

As a response, Pewds released his own YouTube Rewind 2018, but it’s actually good. The video celebrates the “actual” videos, people, music and moments that defined YouTube in 2018. The shade is real.

18. Minecraft Part 1

2019 is the year where PewDiePie began screaming at Minecraft. Watch the first episode of his popular and viral Minecraft series, way before Sven and Jürgen did exist. Not yet, at least.

Fans of Pewds’ minecraft series will definitely find it weird to see the game’s natural landscape. We mean, no meatball, IKEA tower, or temple of water sheep yet.


PewDiePie, a known lover of Japanese culture, displayed his love for 3D waifus as he played Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers.

His audience seems to share the same affinity, given how the video (uploaded in 2015) made it to his top of all time list. A true man of culture indeed.

20. Mine All Day (Minecraft Music Video)

PewDiePie’s channel reached greater heights after his Minecraft gameplay videos became viral, so what better to celebrate this feat other than releasing a Minecraft Music Video?

This isn’t the first time for Pewds to drop an official track, after all. With his previous rap tracks and history in making music, Mine All Day was slated to become a hit.


Do you have any favorite video of PewDiePie? Let us know in the comments below!

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