20 Best Upcoming Streamers

Looking for new streamers to check out? We got you. Check out our curated list of 20 Best Upcoming Streamers from Facebook Gaming, Twitch, and YouTube.

1. Acie

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23-year-old Brie or “Acie” initially didn’t know much about Twitch, until her passion for video games grew to a greater extent. During her early streams, she didn’t really use webcams to do a face reveal— until she grew a following that supported her to do so.

With over 110k followers on Twitch as of writing, Acie is known for her Just Chatting streams and recent gameplays on Rust, a survival adventure game, and Escape from Tarkov, an FPS RPG with MMO features.

2. FaZe Testyment

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If you’re looking for sick Warzone gameplays, you will never go wrong with FaZe Testy. His gameplays on popular FPS games Call of Duty: Warzone and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare truly prove he’s the #1 best FaZe Clan sniper— a title he personally claims to be true.

With records like 37 kills with kar98 in duos, it’s truly a delight to see him run around and get those kills. FPS enthusiasts are likely to become a fan after watching him play.

3. KitsuhimeNaoCH

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A Virtual YouTuber or Vstreamer, KitsuhimeNaoCH is a self dubbed “Totally poggers, not boomer.” In case you’re unfamiliar with the terms, it just means she’s totally your cup of tea if you’re a millennial who spends too much time on the internet.

Her content leans towards Wholesome videos, including chilling (which she loves), singing and ASMR. She also claims to be a fan of MMORPGs and mostly single player games.

4. ethos

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What you need to know about ethos is that he’s doing what he loves the most…playing valorant and respecting women. Call him a Simp all you want, but the dude’s out there redefining what it means to be a polite and respectful male in the online world. It’s always refreshing to see a laidback streamer on Twitch.

Though his content usually revolves around Valorant, he also picks up titles like Minecraft, Fortnite, and CS:GO on certain occasions.

5. DeadlyJimmy

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As the name suggests, DeadlyJimmy is deadly… cute! He’s known for his Valorant gameplays on YouTube where he has cute encounters with random players on the Japanese server, especially with wholesome kids.

Jimmy aspires to embrace a loving, supportive gaming culture by staying positive. On his YouTube channel with 216K subscribers as of writing, you can find a personal quote that says: “Stay positive, and NEVER give up!”

6. ZLaner

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ZLaner, aka Dr Disrespect’s new Warzone buddy, is arguably one of the best Warzone players in the world. Well, the Two-Time wouldn’t play with him if he didn’t see potential— or so we believe. He appears at the big tournaments alongside other Warzone stars Aydan and HusKerrs, and he currently belongs in the top 10 for total Warzone earnings.

The Facebook Gaming partner appears to have landed deals with brands like GFuel and SCUF Gaming. ZLaner also uploads a lot of his gameplay videos on YouTube.

On Sept. 2, 2020, his stream stats received almost 2 million views and more than 20,000 peak viewers on a single day. He later thanked Facebook Gaming and Dr Disrespect for “giving a kid a shot,” before continuing, “Today was the craziest day of my life. To the fans, I love you for allowing me to live my childhood dream.”

Guess we’ll see more of ZLaner in the Warzone scene!

7. Masayoshi

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Masayoshi is a Twitch star who has gained fame for his gameplay streams and variety content. In particular, it’s his League of Legends live gaming streams with his personal commentary that have helped him garner massive popularity.

His career fits the mold of other big names in the industry, with Mizkif particularly mentioning him as one to look out for. His content is the right combination of Just Chatting and gaming streams.

In 2019, Masayoshi showed off his Gaming multitasking skills in style, as he played games of LoL and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the same time. Guess what? He won both games, which is pretty impressive.

8. Jinnytty

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Keeping a bubbly and charming personality in front of the camera isn’t something everyone can easily do, but that’s Jinny’s appeal to her thousands of followers.

Her Twitch channel is only slated to grow further in 2021. She already had a successful year in 2020, with her Just Chatting streams gathering numbers and flying to the top of the Twitch charts.

If you want a casual, laid-back yet fun stream to watch— better tune in when Jinny goes live! Somehow, the Korean IRL streamer finds herself in various wacky situations.

9. Jukeyz

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Another known Warzone player, Jukeyz offers some incredible Call of Duty content. He is considerably one of the most skilled Warzone players to date. Although he tends to be under the radar most of the time, he attends big tournaments where he single-handedly spins a game on its head.

Check out his streams and enjoy impressive in-game skills with classic Liverpudlian wit and humor.

10. Neko

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An aspiring Hentai artist? We stan a woman of culture. Though her art streams on Twitch are often marked NSFW and 18+, Neko’s artworks are always a delight to watch.

If you’re an aspiring artist yourself, you might want to tune in to her Art streams to learn a trick or two. The usual jazz and mellow background music in her videos is also calming to hear. Aside from sharing her digital art, Neko also plays games like Teamfight Tactics.

11. Jordy2d

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Jordy2d’s name in the industry isn’t anything new. Aside from appearing in TimTheTatman’s videos, he’s also consistently making viral Warzone content on TikTok.

In 2020, the Battle Royale icon brought his talents over to Twitch. It seems like his channel will see more growth for this year. We might just have to wait around and see!

12. ayoBrittany

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AyoBrittany’s variety streams are so random, you never know exactly what you’re about to witness. From Just Chatting streams to playing games like Phasmophobia and Call of Duty, this full-time Twitch streamer never runs out of fresh new content to offer her audience.

You don’t need to be an expert at a game to start streaming gameplay content, anyway. Her attempt at learning to be good at CoD: Cold War is just one proof that it’s never too late to start gaming and grinding!

13. ChairHandler

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Chandler Riggs, aka Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead, is also a regular streamer on Twitch.

He likes to chat with his fans, play titular games (Rust, Call of Duty, Escape from Tarkov), and just have a good time. The actor-slash-streamer is fun and hilarious to watch. If you’re a solid TWD fan, better check out his streams!

14. jvckk

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Another upcoming Twitch streamer to look out for, jvckk promises to offer chill games, chill streams, every day 24/7. He’s known for his laidback gameplays on Among Us, Phasmaphobia, and Codenames.

What’s refreshing about his content in general is the way he tries to encourage positivity, such as frequent reminders in his chat to hydrate, grab a drink if you don’t have one, get up and stretch!

15. TiffanyGordonCosplay

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TiffanyGordonCosplay’s fun and engaging personality is her primary charm. She has a Twitch and YouTube channel that are growing steadily. With her professionalism on par to that of veteran streamers, she’s also quite admirable as she plays games such as Fall Guys, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Genshin Impact.

As a cosplayer, she also creates and shares some unbelievable cosplay outfits that the world needs to see.

16. BotezLive

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Botez Sisters, Alexandra and Andrea, host the chess show BotezLive on Twitch. In case you missed it, Chess is a genre that’s gaining more popularity on the platform. Just ask Pokimane.

Both sisters have professional experience as Chess players representing Canada, which is the primary reason for their impeccable game sense and hosting skills. Aside from Chess, the sisters also occasionally do Just Chatting streams and playing other games.

17. CoD Narco

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With mobile gaming on the rise, CoD Narco is arguably one of the top mobile gamer content creators you need to keep an eye out for. He just recently started sharing his livestreams on Trovo Live, Tencent’s latest mobile gaming-focused livestreaming platform slated to become the next possible contender to shake up the global streaming industry.

He’s famous for playing Call of Duty Mobile, sharing some pro-level tips and tricks and basically helping other players get good at the FPS title.

18. GMNaroditsky

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The 24-year-old Grandmaster owns arguably one of the best chess channels on Twitch. He offers a sheer “gameplay” point of view that’s a delight for every Chess enthusiast.

His streams aim to help his audience learn more about the game, which usually includes lessons, puzzles, and straight-up gameplay.

19. Nati

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Gamer girl and law student? Nati can do both. She started streaming on Twitch back in June 2020, and now she has garnered over 800k followers in just a short amount of time— thanks to her bright personality and sweet disposition.

Nati usually does Just Chatting streams and gameplays on Apex Legends and Valorant.

20. AmbiiNya

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In 2020, Thai gamer girl Ambiiyah became a trending topic on social media after her sensitive clip went viral— the one where she’s seen sporting a pastel pink gaming headset. Familiar? It’s that video where she’s also doing an ahegao expression.

Like her fellow Gamer Girl poster girl, Belle Delphine, she is also active on OnlyFans. The platform is known for its 18+ NSFW content. Citing the games she usually plays, she mentioned “basic” titles such as Overwatch and Among Us. She’s also a known mobile gamer playing titles like Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile.

She also has a Twitch channel, although all her past videos and clips were mysteriously deleted. Only time can tell if she’ll give livestreaming another go!

Featured image: JustaMinx on Twitch

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