What is OnlyFans? Here’s How You Can Get Started

OnlyFans is another social media platform that is somehow comparable to Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. But the catch is: fans must pay a subscription fee to view the exclusive content of their favorite stars.

Similar to when you follow a private IG or Twitter account where the user must decide if they want to permit you to view their posts or when you send a friend request on Facebook, not just anyone can access and see what a certain user posts on the platform.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a rising social network platform that enables you to turn your followers into paid subscribers. In essence, your fans are required to pay a monthly fee if they want to view your content.

The platform is known for adult content among paying fans. Earning money by posting NSFW and 18+ content is common among entertainers, adult models, and online cam girls.

Most may not rely on OnlyFans as a primary source of income, but the additional earnings from the platform can help a lot in making ends meet. This is especially true among those who have thousands of willing-to-pay fans.

The catch here is: the adult content remains censored until viewers subscribe to the account. Afterwards, they may unlock and view the adult content. Subscribers must keep paying the monthly rate set by the content creator if they want to keep viewing the content.

Although the platform is popular within the adult entertainment industry, it also hosts content creators from various genres such as fashion icons, physical fitness experts, comedy acts, and independent musicians.

OnlyFans’ Brief Information

  • Services include: Fanclubs , Messaging
  • Model Percentage: 80%
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Payout Frequency: On-Demand, Weekly, Monthly
  • Minimum Payout: $20-$100
  • Cashout Methods: ACH, Paxum, ePayments, SEPA
  • Chargebacks: Covered
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes

Adult content

OnlyFans aside, Snapchat and Instagram may be the two other common platforms for cam girls and adult stars to post their content (pictures and videos) — but the policy of both platforms do not allow explicit nudity, and may even ban the account as a result.

If you are planning to post adult content and earn money for it without worrying about your account getting banned, you might want to check out OnlyFans as a great alternative.

The platform does support adult content, so you can post as much 18+ content as you want.

Is the site legit?

When dealing with sensitive material like 18+ content, OnlyFans puts user safety as one of its top priority. Before you can join the site, interested applicants must fill up the extensive application process where you must provide proof of legal age (at least 18 years old) through some sort of official identification issued by the government.

The platform cares about internet safety and abiding by the law, so rigorous background check may take a day or two.

The site’s payment method is also remarkably safe. It uses a secure third-party payment provider, so users cannot see any of your card details because the payment information is not stored on the platform.

OnlyFans even boasts of how they have acquired over a million accounts with some high profile influencers. They are taking the safety and privacy of their users (content creators and subscribers included) seriously.

How to earn money on the platform?

If you are a content creator keen on providing your followers with valuable content, you can count on OnlyFans to help you make money from your creativity and dedication.

After creating an account, you can set your desired subscription fees and invite your fans to subscribe if they want to continue accessing your top-notch content without any hassle.

As a beginner, it may be difficult to convert your fans into premium subscribers but the key here is to boost your brand as a social media influencer. That way, you can easily drive fans to check out your account.

The platform also helps you attract potential subscribers to check out your content. As a creator, you get to keep up to 80% of the total subscription fees while OnlyFans get to keep the 20% for site maintenance and other things.

Keep in mind that people would only be willing to pay if they consider your content as something valuable. The competition is growing by the day. In that case, don’t hesitate to put in the effort like you do on mainstream platforms.

To keep your subscribers engaged and attract new fans to your page, you can consider offering exclusives, extending your content (variety is always nice), improving the quality of your videos and photos, and actively engaging with your fans.

Being able to monetize your craft as an online influencer doesn’t mean you’ll get tons of money overnight. OnlyFans is not a get-rich-quickly money scheme.

Your Online Girlfriend

The term “online girlfriend” or “internet girlfriend” is a famous appeal among most girls making money on OnlyFans, Patreon or other similar platforms.

Simply put, content creators have to act like a girlfriend or exhibit girlfriend-material quality to fans and strangers online. It’s noted to be a pretty lucrative career or a side-hustle choice on the internet lately.

For instance, you can provide your clients with all the services you are willing to offer like dealing with their emotional issues, talking to them about personal problems, and helping them develop social skills. You do not have to be their exclusive girlfriend in real life. It’s more of an online friend, with the appeal of a “girlfriend”.

On OnlyFans, aside from offering suggestive and NSFW content, you can also be an online girlfriend to your fans. Who knows, they might start paying you more if you lend an ear when they vent about their real-life problems!

Tips and Tricks

The first thing to think about when getting started on OnlyFans is how can you rescale your free content into something with a much more inherent value? Find your strengths and what you’re good at, start from there.

As a make-up artist, you can further improve your content by offering exclusive and more in-depth make-up tutorials for premium subscribers. And if you’re a personal trainer, you can invite your fans to subscribe to your channel if they want a more personalized routine — which may be tailored to exactly fit just what they need. Think about other exclusive images, videos, and content ideas that normally don’t go on other social media platforms that are free-to-access.

Be consistent in posting your content. That is considered as a very crucial factor when it comes to carving a name out for yourself. The more content you post, the more chances a new fan will likely check out your channel and what you have to offer. Every post is your ticket to gain a new paid subscriber.

Also, it’s encouraged if you promote your Patreon account on other social media channels, like Twitter and Snapchat. You are not only limited to the platform if you want to self-promote for more channel growth.

On Patreon, it’s important to take feedback. Take constructive comments from fans and work your way around it. Ask your patrons what kind of content they like and want. It may be a way for you to improve the content quality you seek to offer.

Lastly, you can also decide to upsell on the platform as a girl influencer. Why not take a page off Belle Delphine’s book, the viral “gamer girl” icon who sold out her exclusively used gamer girl bath water? For instance, you can ask patrons to buy your used clothing, give you an Amazon gift card, subscribe to your videos on other platforms, and more.

Steps to get started on OnlyFans

OnlyFans might be a social media platform which is a little different from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but don’t worry – getting started with your account is pretty much similar with most social media platforms.

To further help you out, we’ll give you the guidelines on how to signup and get you started.

  1. You first need to go to their official website simply by typing www.onlyfans.com. The signup page will just be there waiting for you to fill it out. Simply put in your desired email and password. Preferably, you’d want to use your official email address and the password you often use in your other social media platform. We usually suggest using passwords with longer characters and a combination of numbers and letters you’ll easily remember.
  2. Signing up with Twitter is another convenient way to easily put up an account. It allows you to share the same email and password without mixing up your content for a much easier and hassle-free log in experience. No one would like to see their adult contents posted in their personal twitter account where they are followed by their friends and colleagues.
  3. After signing up, fill up your details. Onlyfans isn’t like other social media platforms which are focused on customizing and personalizing your page on your own will. Its interface is a bit minimalist and there’s not much editing to do. If they want to see more of you and your content, then they basically must pay for a subscription rate as your fan otherwise it’s only the basic information about you they’ll be able to see.
  4. Lastly, set your own rate. Simply select a reasonable and fair rate you would like to receive from your subscribers. More information about rates will be tackled as you read further in this article.

Possible Income

OnlyFans is not really the kind of app that will give you a fixed monthly income and that’s what the users like about it. With the ability to set your own rate per subscription, you can most likely anticipate what your monthly income would be if you multiply it by your number of willing-to-pay followers. If you want to keep tabs on your possible monthly income, it may require you to do basic math and good management skills. You can use an online tracking sheet so it won’t get too complicated at your end.

If you are a rising OnlyFans creator and you set your rate to $10 per month while having 1,000 followers, then your estimated income will most likely be $8000 per month (80%) which is definitely not bad at all. On the other hand, high earners with many followers and much higher rate will obviously have more earnings. A high earner of 50,000 followers with a $15 monthly rate will have an estimated whopping income of $600,000 per month.

Your earning figure does not include the tips and personal requests from your followers, so if you happen to have generous followers who really love your content then they might as well give some additional tip or paid request in addition to your monthly income.

Sending Paid Messages

Aside from posting photos and videos, you can also send paid messages to your loyal subscribers. This type of content is one they will have to pay to unlock and access.

The paid messaging is integrated into the platform’s normal messaging feature. To send an exclusive locked content, you can upload it through the messenger feature and proceed to set the price.

Subscribers will be automatically charged after confirming they are willing to pay to unlock the media attached in your message. You can set a minimum amount of $5 for a paid message.

Fanscope: The Ultimate Feature of OnlyFans

So what makes OnlyFans an obvious choice over Snapchat, who also has a premium service to provide you an avenue to sell your adult content?

OnlyFans has Fanscope, a feature that is heavily inspired by Snapchat and Periscope. It helps cam girls and adult stars manage their broadcasting live sessions with ease.

Thanks to this feature, content creators can earn some extra tips while hosting a live cam on their account. It may also add a further value to your subscriptions, generate extra income through tipping games, tip goals, and other attractive features.

Upon activating Fanscope, the live feed appears directly on your timeline. It also shows a chat box that displays all the messages you have received from subscribers and the tips you’ve accumulated thus far.

Advantages of OnlyFans

Here are some advantages you can enjoy as a part of the OnlyFans community:

1. A simple and clean interface to use

OnlyFans is known for its simple and minimalist interface which makes it easy to navigate for first-time users. We do know that this perk is subjective but if you subscribe just to earn, then having a simple interface saves you a lot of time from organizing your interface and using unnecessary features.

2. Only your viewers with subscription can see your content.

This perk puts up a lot of value on your content that you worked hard for. Your exclusive photos and videos won’t be accessible just like that and only your subscribers can unlock your content. Once you become top earners and content creators, your fans will definitely feel special being able to view your contents exclusively.

3. The payouts are done daily.

Similar apps to OnlyFans are known to release their payout either weekly or monthly but on the platform, they allow you to receive your daily payout once it reaches the $10 threshold. It is considered a perk because content creators can receive their pay right after they meet the cut, and their earnings become accessible whenever they need it in case there’s an emergency in real life.

4. No restrictions!

This is one of the reasons why the user base on OnlyFans keeps on growing in numbers. OnlyFans do not limit their users regarding the nature of content they’re creating. It went to the point where the app became famous for creators releasing adult contents such as nude photo and video, homemade porn and many more. If you’re open about your sexuality and are comfortable in flaunting your body ,then OnlyFans is one of the best options you may consider when pursuing a side hustle.

5. Have control over your subscription rate

If you plan to become an OnlyFans content creator, you’ll have the ability to set your own rate for your fan’s subscription. There will be no limit in the amount that you might want to ask but remember to set a rate that is fair and reasonable for your fans. The competition is already there. You wouldn’t want to discourage your potential fans with over-the-top pricing. If your rate is overpriced for a beginner, then do not expect a lot of subscribers. If you’ll have to choose between a rate of $6.99 to gain 150 subscribers and $9.99 to gain 50 subscribers, then the 6.99$ is the obvious choice for your rate. Remember to always make your content worth your fans’ money so they will continue to support and subscribe.

As for referrals, you just need to go to your “My Referral” tab in the menu and invite people to signup for OnlyFans through your link. Inviting new users to join the community is one of the best ways to earn on the platform because it gives an additional 5% lifetime commission for every person you successfully refer. Yes, referring at least 10 people will definitely give you a big commission and profit.

Top Content Creators on the Platform

Jem Wolfie

As of 2019, the popular 28-year old WA’s model Jem Wolfie became the highest earner according to Tim Stokely (founder and chief executive of OnlyFans). The top earning model has around 10,000 followers with a $15 rate per month which made her earn 2 million dollars since joining Onlyfans in August of 2018. Jem Wolfie’s stardom on Instagram is said to have played a big role in influencing her career in OnlyFans since she has 2.5 million followers on Instagram.

Wolfie admitted that most of her OnlyFans followers are men but in her opinion she stated that “Anyone who tries to make me think I’m being exploited or objectified is so f…… wrong, that’s not how it is because I’m empowered and I’m the one making these choices with a strategy in mind.”

With a clear goal in mind to buy her mother’s dream car and to look after her parents, there’s no obstacle that can stop this star from staying on the top.

Katie Salmon

Katie Salmon is already a well-known British TV personality as a part of the Love Island cast in 2016 before she ventured onto the platform. She is only one of the many reality stars who are parlaying their fame into money on OnlyFans. Thanks to her established following, it’s easier for her to build her audience on OnlyFans.

Katie’s OnlyFans page costs up to $16 a month, which gives access to 175 photos and 80 videos as of writing.

Chloe Kahn

Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Kahn is another distinguished personality who has signed up to offer an intimate look at themselves to paying subscribers on the platform.

Cashing in on her fame through explicit and suggestive content online, she’s considered as one of the more popular stars on OnlyFans. Kahn’s playful bio describes her as an “addictive bad barbie” and a “Lux-ury bimbo princess.” Her page is charged at a $19.99 fee per month.

Gay Performers on OnlyFans

If you think that success only revolves around hot naked girls, then that’s where you’re wrong. Gay men performers are on the rise as they reached the $100,000 mark worth of earnings through their clips and photos.

In July of 2019, a performer who goes by ‘GuzDoes’ on OnlyFans tweeted “Finally hit 100k DOLLARS on Onlyfans… all this online hoe’ing pays off,” while showing proof of his income details. A series of tweets from other gay performers followed right after, making it a solid proof that masculinity strikes a powerful appeal on the platform too.

In 2020, the number of gay performers on OnlyFans will definitely increase more with the goal to set a high earning milestone. If you are having second thoughts about joining the platform as a gay individual, then you are encouraged by these performers to get up and flaunt that gay pride alongisde them!

There’s no greater joy than doing what you love and earning money from it. Thanks to OnlyFans, you can achieve this goal together with your willing-to-pay fans and other content creators.

If you have what it takes to keep your audience engaged enough to make them want more, why not turn that skill into a goldmine? OnlyFans may just be the perfect platform for you to make some extra income this 2020.

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