How to Promote and Advertise your Streams on Reddit

Reddit may be the last social media platform you’d likely consider in promoting and advertising your livestreams, but the popular discussion website may help your channel grow beyond your initial expectations.

There is an untapped advertising potential on Reddit especially for small streamers. Although the platform is generally designed as an avenue for community discussions, you may also use this social platform to your advantage as a rising content creator.

If you’re interested to know some effective ways to advertise your brand on Reddit, but you’re not really sure how to go about it— we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Know your platform

First of all, you must keep in mind that every social media platform is different. It has its own varying strengths and weaknesses when it comes to doing self-promotions.

What works on YouTube, for instance, doesn’t exactly work on Reddit. The same goes for Twitch strategies on Twitter. You don’t need to pressure yourself too much, as it takes time to learn them all. Give yourself some time as you venture into Reddit promotions.

Join communities for self-promotion

Although quite rare, there are a few subreddit dedicated to aspiring livestreamers who may freely advertise their streams and channels. At the same time, it serves as an avenue for interested viewers to discover new content creators to watch.

Some good examples are the r/vgstreams Subreddit, where members can choose to promote individual streams and r/twitchstreams, the home of good Twitch Content. Both communities are always looking out for fresh, new streamers, hence you’ll fit right in! Don’t forget to post your best clips and highlights to be discovered.

Be creative

If you’re planning to post on communities for self-promotion, better grab the chance and give it your best shot. Don’t just attach a simple link to your channel. The rest of the community must know what kind of streams you offer (Variety content, Valorant gameplays, etc.) so make sure to add a brief description in the text post.

You may also choose to add some more helpful information, such as your usual stream schedule or your in-game user ID if you’re looking for new friends to play with.

Tell your intentions

One way to be more engaging with the community is to let them know your intentions behind your stream. For example, state in the description box if you’re looking for new people to chat with and play in a few games as well. Playing with a new audience is a great goal to set if you’re looking for new friends and possible new followers or subscribers.

If you’re working your way to hit Twitch Partner status or becoming an affiliate, be honest with your goals as you invite new people to watch your stream. Be vocal with your appreciation for the possible help, so thank them in advance if they ever decide to drop by and tune in!

Be lowkey

The truth is: most Redditors wouldn’t willingly join a Subreddit that’s only full of self-promotion. Similarly, the majority of Subreddit communities tend to restrict advertisement spams and have strict rules about self promotion of content.

With that in mind, a simple post linking to your Twitch channel will likely end up being buried over hundreds of other Redditors who are doing the same thing. It won’t be an effective advertising strategy at all.

What you can do, however, is to be discreet and lowkey in advertising your content. You may create funny memes or posts that may end up being viral in the particular subreddit— and add a credit link in the comment section below that redirects to your channel.

Find ways to promote

While a blatant link to your channel is a practice that’s generally frowned upon, you may still find various ways to self-promote on Reddit if you’re patient enough.

For example, the r/Twitch subreddit has a Promote Yourself menu in the sidebar where community members can post redirect links to places other than Reddit. This includes links to your YouTube or Twitch channel, or direct gameplay videos.

If you participated in any ongoing contest or competition, you may also promote your entry in the same section. You might even gain some more votes if you do so.

Put out quality content

Typically, most Redditors do not hop on Reddit to browse stream or channel suggestions. If anything, they’d be checking a variety of interesting content. You can use this to your advantage by consistently putting out a series of quality content (not limited to funny/crazy clips or memes) and adding your channel details to your profile.

If a number of users find your content enjoyable, they might just check out your channel and videos if they know you are also a streamer. This is a great opportunity to be discovered on Reddit, as normal stream links won’t get many attention or clicks typically.

Be active on your niche’s subreddit

Most games such as PUBG, Valorant, or League of Legends have their own dedicated Subreddit. You can opt to post there after doing something relevant and impressive— like a new personal best in a speedrun or an insane combo of gameplay.

In general, people are often annoyed by content creators who desperately shove their content down others’ throats. You wouldn’t want to leave an impression of selling something to your new audience. Instead, show the world how you’re passionate about what you are doing.

Be a part of the community

Regardless of what gaming or niche community you join on Reddit, it’s important to be a part of the said community first before you act on personal and promotional endeavors. If you join the group with the intention of doing nothing but self-promotions, chances are you’d most likely get on the bad side of the members.

Integrate yourself with the community by upvoting other posts, actively commenting and taking part in discussions, and if possible— give out community awards.

Network with other content creators

When it comes to establishing your online brand, nothing beats forming a connection with fellow content creators.

Connecting with other streamers on Reddit may just present an opportunity for you to be invited as a part of their stream team or meet their community. This serves as a great way to start building your own community with like-minded individuals.

If they’re established streamers, they might even give you a few tips and tricks as you begin your career in the industry.

Make use of Flairs

In case you missed it, Flairs serve as tags that appear on posts or beside usernames within a subreddit. Not all Subreddits allow Flairs though, so make sure to check the communities you’ve joined thus far. For instance, members may display their Twitch channels as flairs on the r/Twitch subreddit.

As people see your posts or conversation replies, they can easily see the link to your Twitch channel. They might check out your content once you’ve triggered their interest enough.

Tap the help of others

If you have already established quite a solid following, you can ask your mods or loyal fans to make the promotion for you on Reddit.

This may be in the form of having them share your best clips, ask them to say something worthwhile about your videos, and basically just influence other people to check out your content.

Having other people attest to the quality of your content offering is sometimes better than doing a self-promotion.

Be careful not to overdo it

If you decide to post funny or interesting clips on niche communities or game-specific subreddits, consider it as a great way to get more exposure.

People on Reddit typically want to see new and exciting stuff on the daily, which includes brilliant Twitch clips. However, if you make it appear as though you’re just posting content to convince new viewers to check out your channel—  it might just turn out to be a major turn-off.

Hence, avoid adding “For more great clips, follow me on my Twitch channel!” onto the post. Remember, this is not YouTube or any other social platform that encourages that kind of practice. Like we’ve mentioned earlier, it’s best to be discreet.

Keep an eye out for Megathreads

Some Subreddits do Megathreads for people to share who they are currently watching or interesting new streamers to check out— such as r/Twitch’s monthly megathread titled “Who have you been watching this month?” and “Streamer Recommendations.”

This is considered as a great for small streamers to get their name out there. People can share the streams they’ve discovered that month and support new streamers at the same time.

Although you are free to promote yourself on these lists, it’s better to have someone else say a good word for you. Someone who can attest by the quality of your offerings.


As a small creator, we understand that it’s important to do whatever you can to increase channel growth. This includes trying self-promotion tactics on platforms we’d least expect, like Reddit.

Fortunately there is an untapped advertising potential on the popular discussion website, especially for small streamers. Just make sure not to do scummy things!

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