DrDisrespect Roasts Mixer over Low Viewer Count

There goes DrDisrespect roasting Mixer once again.

At this point, it’s not a surprise to hear the two-time poking fun at the Microsoft-owned platform.

In a recent tweet, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm poked fun at Mixer’s underwhelming viewer rate. He even went on to compare it to the COVID-19, which prompts those who are infected to go into isolation and quarantine.

“Mixer literally has a total of about 5k viewers right now.


What happened?  Coronavirus?”

Mixer stars JaredFPS and Faze Ewok were quick to reply to his controversial tweet with rebuttals.

Jared begins:

“Lmao slow day on twitch today? Have to try attack a company you almost signed to?”

Back in October of last year, DrDisrespect revealed that he was the first streamer approached by Mixer. Not Ninja, not shroud, but him.

“I was the first one there in Washington before [Ninja], before shroud. They wanted the number one. I said ‘wrong.'”

However, he believed that Mixer isn’t as good as Twitch when it comes to longevity ever since before.

For Beahm, Twitch is still unparalleled when it comes to high engagement and session times.

He was also caught saying how Mixer is trying to be ‘relevant’.

“Their expectation is to mix their little Xbox streams and a space for influencers to grow. They claim 30 million monthly active users, but that’s because all of their Xbox users get default Mixer streams. Their engagement is extremely low, trust me.”

FaZe Ewok, an ex-Twitch streamer who also moved to Mixer, also weighed in her thoughts over the Doc’s provocative statement:

“At least we don’t have cheater in our platform.”

In 2017, the two-time allegedly cheated on his wife with a girl he met at TwitchCon.

This wasn’t the first time for the Doc to poke fun directed towards Mixer, though. In January 5, he boldly attempted to play Mixer’s direction:

“Is Mixer still around?”

Mixer representatives on Twitter were quick to clap back with a GIF of Walter White, the star from Breaking Bad.

The GIF reads a famous quote from the AMC blockbuster series “You’re God god goddamn right.”

Regardless, fans and fellow streamers alike seem to be enjoying the doc’s iconic roast.

“Savage af and I love it”

“This is why I love the Doc”

“mixer has such a low viewers that now even @shroud has started replying to the chat”

“Lol you’re a f*ckin’ savage.”

While others are just biding their time before the Doc breaks and caves in to the other platform.

“I cant wait to come back to this when he comes to mixer.. See you soon”

“Someones upset they never took a deal”

“Someone is still salty they got turned down for acquisition it looks like…”

Of course, Dr Disrespect was just staying in character. He wouldn’t dare miss the chance to throw shade at the rival platform!

As of writing, the streamer has over 4M followers on Twitch. It doesn’t seem like any transfer is on his plans for now.

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