15 Tips for your Just Chatting Twitch Streams

One thing to keep in mind if you want to become a successful Twitch streamer is: you’re not solely limited to doing game streams.

One genre that’s gaining traction on the popular live streaming platform is Just Chatting, where streamers talk to their audience and do anything under the sun (which includes dancing or singing).

If you’re aiming to stream IRL content on Twitch, here are some beginner-friendly tips to keep in mind:

1. Find a way to fill in the gaps

For many aspiring streamers, it’ll be quite a challenge to talk nonstop for hours especially if you only have a limited audience at present. To avoid awkward pauses and gaps, it’s best to prepare a list of possible topics to talk about ahead of time.

Search about relevant, trending topics that you believe would entice more viewers to join the conversation. Getting your audience engaged in a conversation is key if you want to broadcast long Just Chatting streams.  You can also choose to prepare talking points, not necessarily a script but a short guide on ready content threads.

2. Build a show

Think of your Just Chatting broadcast as a TV show, assigning different segments so the livestream has solid structure. Most viewers wouldn’t want to watch hours-long live broadcasts that’s very random and unorganized.

When preparing for your stream structure, consider your intended schedule so as not to overextend or run short of segments for your stream of the day. However, do keep in mind that these plans are subject to change once you go live.

If you happen to stumble across technical difficulties or any problems, adjust your plans accordingly.

3. Be consistent

When it comes to Just Chatting streams, you need to establish your branding as a Twitch streamer as early as you can. This will help you distinguish and make yourself unique especially with hundreds of other aspiring streamers on the platform.

Hence, make it a goal to keep everything consistent— from your tone of voice to banner overlays and logos. Like many other things in life, consistency is key.

4. Be creative with titles

Stream titles are often overlooked by many content creators, but it’s actually one important element that can help your Twitch career take off at some point. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your stream titles!

For instance, make it intriguing enough to convince people to click and check out your video. Be funny and witty! Don’t stray away too much and make it irrelevant to what you’re actually doing in your live stream though.

5. Pick a good thumbnail

Before you select your stream thumbnail, it’s ideal to ask the opinion and comments of others first. Your goal should be selecting a strong thumbnail image that will stand out from the crowd.

Remember that there are hundreds of other Just Chatting streams on Twitch. It’s easy for new, potential viewers to scroll past your live broadcast if you don’t make your thumbnails compelling enough.

6. Just keep talking

There will come a point in your Just Chatting stream where you’ll feel like you’ve run out of things to talk about. Don’t worry, that’s just normal. Plenty of other content creators in the same category also feel the same way.

One solution to this predicament is to just always be talking. Aside from preparing a list of possible topics to talk about, you can keep your stream going by interacting with your viewers by asking questions, telling personal funny stories, or sharing what happened to your day.

7. Don’t shoo away lurkers

There’s no need to feel self-conscious if an overwhelming amount of your viewers end up lurking in your livestream. This is actually quite normal among many content creators, with the majority of their audience preferring to chill and lowkey lurk in the background as streamers do their thing (whether Just Chatting or play video games).

Although reminding them to be active in the chat or to give your channel a follow is ideal, be careful not to overdo it. The last thing you’d want is to force your audience into doing stuff all for the benefit of your channel growth.

8. Master the art of improvisation

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Just Chatting on Twitch has a very improvised nature compared to traditional gameplay streams. When doing streams under this category, aspiring streamers are allowed to do anything they want on camera as long as it follows the platform’s Terms of Service.

It features a great opportunity for new talents to stand out with their extraordinary improv skills. At the same time, it also gives a way to stay more connected with one’s growing following.

9. Use clips for promotions

If you have funny highlights and interesting moments from your Just Chatting streams, simply save a clip and use it to promote your channel across social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

This is a great way to lure new and interested viewers to check out your live broadcasts, as you are showing them some of the footage they might witness when they decide to tune in.

You may also include some behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage of your Just Chatting streams.

10. Befriend other Just Chatting streamers

Instead of considering other streamers in the same category as your rivals, you should instead consider them as possible friends who can help you succeed in the industry.

Keep an eye out for other Twitch streamers with similar content, you may even learn a thing or two from them. Making friends with other Just Chatting streamers on Twitch may just give you the right connections you need to succeed in the platform.

11. Do self-promotions

Remember: you’re not solely limited to promoting on Twitch alone. Social media is a great tool to widen your audience reach and increase your online presence— hence you should use it to your advantage.

Be creative in promoting your scheduled Just Chatting streams on your social media accounts like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. Keep in mind that you only have one shot at making a good first impression as a content creator on the internet. For instance, you may attach a current taken selfie (if you’re comfortable) or fun video clips.

12. Reach out to your community

Keep engaged with your audience even after your streams are over. You may choose to take the conversation and discussion in a private Discord server or on Twitter where you can still keep in touch with some of your loyal followers.

Engaging with your viewers as much as possible is a great way to form a lasting connection with them. By giving them your precious time, they may just find a good reason to keep supporting you in your career.

13. Showcase your talents

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If you have hidden talents, Just Chatting streams prove to be a great avenue for you to showcase your skills and share them with the world! This includes Photoshop editing, drawing and Illustrator skills or playing musical instruments.

You may also jump on the trend of Mukbang (eating) or cooking shows, where streamers eat large quantities of scrumptious food in front of the camera and engage with their viewers while finishing their meal.

If you’re a pop culture aficionado, you might also consider doing streams about movie, book, or game reviews. Fellow like-minded individuals are most likely to check out your streams if you shoot your shot well.

14. Be genuine

As the adage goes, fake it ’til you make it— however, faking your interest and enthusiasm in “talking” would just bring up more problems on your part as a Just Chatting streamer in the long run. Keep in mind that you’ll have to talk quite a lot in your livestreams, usually for hours.

If you’re aiming to be successful in the industry, start by being genuine in front of the camera. Let your audience feel your sincerity in your streaming endeavors. Being interactive is a great strategy, hence try to talk more about yourself if you’re just starting your career.

Viewers who watch new streamers with a relatively small viewer count are typically those who want interaction or connection with someone new. Tell some interesting stuff about yourself, your hobbies or goals. More people will likely be compelled to jump in the conversation if you do.

15. Ignore malicious trolls

Let’s face it, there is no end in sight for Twitch trolls. Every streamer on the platform gets their fair share every now and then, and beginner streamers are not exempted to their nuisance.

As a content creator, you must learn to roll with it and practice the art of ignoring trolls in your chat. You have the option to mute/ban if necessary, especially if things start to go awry. It’s easier said than done but you mustn’t let these online trolls get to you.

Being a Just Chatting streamer where you have to adlib most of the time and go with impromptu discussions, don’t let a troll ruin your online conversation with your audience. Choose to ignore malicious live comments, as they don’t deserve any of your attention or time anyway.

Featured image from inzaynia on Twitch

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