20 Tips to Grow your Twitch Channel

In November 2020, Twitch had approximately 8.55 million active streamers. As someone who’s just barely starting out their streaming career on the platform, it’s quite understandable how the current numbers might seem overwhelming.

However, even if this makes you one out of the million others out there— this shouldn’t hinder you from achieving success on Twitch. With perseverance and the right grit, you’ll be surprised to know how channel growth can naturally come to you over time.

Growing your channel on Twitch

Congratulations! At this point, you might have given yourself the Go Signal to begin your streaming journey.

Choosing the platform that’s best fit to your needs is a great step to accomplish. Now that you’ve already picked Twitch, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a lot that the leading streaming platform can offer to aspiring streamers.

Being the first choice of many gamers worldwide when it comes to streaming and sharing their live gameplays, Twitch continues to dominate.

In fact, the platform has successfully surpassed different records for 2020 due to the various travel and movement restrictions brought by the pandemic.

Twitch has accumulated over 897 Billion minutes watched for this year alone, which equates to 2.16 million concurrent viewers on average.


  • You can watch your favorite gamers stream their gameplays and interact with them in real-time. What does this mean? The viewer can be a part of the whole streaming experience if the streamer wants them to be.
  • The average daily watch time on Twitch is about 95 minutes per user, giving you a great opportunity to attract viewers and build an audience of your own.
  • Twitch tries to support new streamers in gaining traction by various educational efforts and product features like Squad Streams and Raids.
  • Comes with built-in ways to monetize your stream, including bits, donations, and channel subscriptions.
  • Allows for a variety of content to be streamed. Content creators on Twitch aren’t limited to streaming pure gameplays, but they can also feature real life streams or conversing with their fans through the Just Chatting category.


  • There are arguably lots of spam and trolls in each stream. It can range from weird comments to bizarre death threats.
  • Non-partnered streamers cannot provide viewers with quality settings. People who are watching with a bad connection can struggle with the video resolution.
  • Some entitled viewers believe that streamers owe them something. Coming off as nagging and arrogant, this can bring down one’s spirits.
  • Twitch has an infamous reputation for causing streamers to lose traction when they take a day off.
  • Newcomers often complained they spent years broadcasting to no one. They hoped to build a fan base, with little success over time.
  • Once you become a Twitch partner, you have to exclusively stream game-related content on the platform. You may only stream other types of content elsewhere (daily vlogs, product reviews) as long as it’s not related to gaming.
  • The platform is infamous for allegedly playing favorites and punishing small streamers over the littlest things. For instance, a number of body painting streamers always get flagged down despite not breaking any of the rules and regulations.
  • Some streamers on Twitch recently got Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices, ranging from a suspension to permanent channel deletion. They had to delete content even from years ago which is shown to violate music copyright laws.

With these in mind, Twitch proves to be a choice that’s not suitable for the faint of heart. However, it is still a platform that can help you become a successful streamer in the long run— as long as you are willing to pour in the effort and hard work to achieve your desired results.

20 Tips to Grow your Twitch Channel

Here are 20 tips that can help you grow your channel on the platform:

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1. Set attainable goals

One way to keep yourself on track is to set some attainable goals for your Twitch channel, may it be having 10-20 new subscribers or achieving a set donation amount in a month.

This approach will give you a strategic mindset especially when it comes to attaining these goals.

As a beginner, you need to work on establishing your Twitch presence. Keep in mind that there are hundreds to thousands of other small streamers who are aiming to make it big in the industry as well.

In order to compete with the crowd, you need to lay down a solid foundation for your career. What kind of Twitch content creator do you aspire to become? Are you content with only a few subs, or do you want to garner at least a thousand subs? As early as day 1, try to lay down your channel growth goals as detailed as possible.

2. Be patient

Like any other career, you need to be very patient especially as you start out in the streaming industry.

Achieving fame and success doesn’t happen overnight, not unless you go viral on the internet enough for people to be compelled to visit your Twitch channel.

For a majority of small scale streamers, starting out small is the norm. There might be instances where you feel stuck, with no new subscribers for weeks to months… but you have to remind yourself to keep going.

3. Stream consistently

To establish your presence on Twitch effectively, you need to make yourself known out there. You can do this by sticking to a regular schedule and streaming consistently.

By being more active, you can invite new audiences and viewers to check out your content. Nobody wants to follow some Twitch star that goes missing for the next few weeks, so being consistent in your regular programming should be included in your goals.

You’re not limited to only one genre on the live streaming platform of course. If you feel like you need a break from the competitive gameplays, you can always tap into variety streaming and IRL vlogs.

Having a consistent stream schedule is a great way to let your subscribers know when they can tune in to watch you go live. Sharing your schedule with your viewers can promote trust and encourage regular viewing.

This way, you can establish yourself as a hardworking and trustworthy content creator who takes their career seriously.

If you don’t have a consistent schedule, your viewers won’t have any idea when to come back to tune in to your streams. They might just move on to someone new.

4. Create a manageable schedule

Creating a schedule that is ideal for your everyday responsibilities is crucial, especially if you’re streaming part-time with a day job to commit to.

This way, you can establish your name as someone who takes their streaming career seriously, regardless of how busy real life might be.

Building a loyal viewership is ideal, but it doesn’t have to come to a cost of compromising your daily schedule. You’ll only risk alienating your viewers and losing your loyal audience.

Find a balance to your IRL life and streaming career and incorporate it to your routine.

5. Aim for at least 4 hours

Many small streamers ask themselves: for how long should I keep on streaming? Ideally, it’s best to aim for at least 4 hours of stream time every time you go live.

Keep in mind that streaming often and for long hours increases your chances of getting discovered. As you work towards presenting valuable content for your viewers, you can expect loyalty to your channel in return.

So if you’re wondering for how long you should keep on streaming— ideally, aim for several times in a week for at least 4 hours. 4 hours will help you pick up viewer momentum and at least provide your audience with a satisfactory amount of high-value content.

6. Avoid common streamer mistakes

Becoming a streamer might be an easy idea to some, but the moment you begin on this journey- you’ll realize it’s not as easy as it looks

Since you’ve signed up to become a public figure (at least on the internet), you have to uphold certain values if you don’t want to be cancelled by the online community.

The internet’s cancel culture is prevalent nowadays. Unless you’re living under a rock, it’s likely that you’re aware of the number of content creators who got cancelled over the years because of certain controversial reasons.

One wrong act or controversial decision will earn you the ire of many, so you have to tread this line carefully. The last thing you want to happen is to waste years-worth of effort over your content.

There are lots of common streamer mistakes you can watch out for, and lucky for you— we’ve curated them in a handy list to serve as a guide. Remember that once you go live, you’ll present your bare self to the rest of the world. No pauses or edits, just you.

7. Offer valuable content

How do you make your audience stick around and stay? By providing them valuable content they can’t seem to miss out on.

Consider your live broadcasts as your offered products. They must be of high quality and something you can be proud of, even in the long-run.

As you start out on your Twitch streamer journey, make it your goal to provide something valuable to your audience.

Give them a solid reason why they should keep watching your content and support you as a content creator, especially with other 8.55 million active broadcasters currently on the platform.

8. Figure out what’s trending

Twitch might seem like an oversaturated platform with millions of streamers out there, but one way to keep up with the crowd is to figure out what’s currently trending and jump on the hype before it’s too late.

First off, find out what it is that people are looking for when they hop onto Twitch. Keep in mind that these trends can change in a short amount of time.

Fortnite gameplays used to reign on the platform, but as of writing, more viewers are tuning in to Among Us and Valorant gameplays.

You can consider these trends as some of the primary  motivations of most viewers, which can then give you an idea as to which gameplays and content will be potentially successful at a given time.

Jumping on the hype train doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.

9. Pick the games you actually like

If your goal is to build a loyal following and growing your online presence on Twitch, make sure to pick the right games!

What do we mean by this, exactly? It doesn’t matter if you’re not pro-level at a certain game you really want to feature. As long as you’re happy while playing the game and you show your audience some signs of improvement over time, they will definitely stay.

Being forced to play a game just because it’s all the buzz lately can get draining at some point. Your viewers can tell if you’re actually not enjoying what you do, unless you have acting skills that can be on par with Hollywood standards.

You can work on improving your in-game skills and frequently offer fresh content to your viewers— think of it as hitting two birds with one stone!

Find a balance between the games that you personally like versus the titles your audience might be interested to watch. Make a smart choice; ensure that these are games that people have at least heard to increase their eagerness to check out your content.

10. Invest in the right equipment

High quality streams will undoubtedly lure new viewers to check out your videos and channel, especially if they’re just mindlessly browsing through Twitch’s homepage.

If one of your broadcasts catches their eye, they might tune in and give you that well-coveted sub if they end up liking what you offer.

To ensure that your broadcasts are of high quality, consider investing in the right equipment. Nobody wants to see an aspiring streamer on a blurry camera, that will be an instant turn-off to new viewers!

Make sure that your PC set, microphone, and web camera are fit to provide a high-quality streaming experience. Set yourself up with a stable and trustworthy internet connection as well, as you wouldn’t want to end up lagging in between your live broadcasts.

11. Add designs for the visual impact

Nowadays, you can pretty much equip your livestreams with solid customization options, filters, transitions, and the like without paying a single cent.

One Google search for “free Twitch overlays” can lead you to a couple of nice options you can consider adding to your usual content. This is a great way to spice up your regular offerings! Just make sure you’re not using the free overlays beyond its copyright limitations, so make reading a habit.

Do not underestimate the visual impact of your channel and content in itself. It may just bring you new subscribers and supporters!

But if you are already generating some revenue on Twitch, you might want to consider buying exclusive designs with better personalization options. It’s a great investment if you want to become a big-shot streamer in the long run.

12. Use social media to promote

It’s common to see streamers promote their Twitch channels on other social media platforms, such as through Twitter, Instagram, or their Facebook Gaming pages.

Keep in mind that your activity and online presence on other platforms can also affect the growth of your Twitch channel. Don’t limit yourself to promoting your content on the platform alone, such as commenting on other streamer’s chat or doing Twitch raids.

Cross-promoting your Twitch channel on social media and relevant forums can get your name out there. It will also specifically attract the attention of like-minded individuals, which are typically your target audience.

The more attention you garner, the more likely you can stumble across new potential viewers and subscribers. Try to be active across various social media channels as much as possible!

13. Network with other streamers

Tapping the help of other well-established Twitch streamers might just help you build your own following and enhance your online presence on the platform.

Consider networking on Twitch a great strategy if you’re aiming for channel growth. This would take time and effort on your part, but it’s always an advantage to form connections with other streamers on the platform

They may help boost your channel by doing Twitch raids, where they can direct their audience to your live broadcast. This may also get your name out there, with potential organizations and brands tapping to sign you.

14. Personalize your Twitch profile

Make sure to convey all the necessary information about you in your Twitch profile. This will make it easier for your audience, both old and new, to remember who you are as a content creator.

If you neglect filling out information such as your profile name, a brief channel description, and the like— people might get the impression that you’re neglecting your channel. They wouldn’t know what to expect from you, let alone know who you are.

Preparing accordingly will inform anyone who views your channel to learn about who you are as a content creator, your other social media accounts, and more.

15. Come up with a content plan

Always be prepared! Coming up with a long-term plan for your Twitch channel content can be strategic, as you can efficiently manage your time and ideas.

For instance, you can prepare the content that you are planning to broadcast, outlining the hours you intend to stream. If there’s a new game about to launch soon, you can mark the day in your personal content calendar and save those days to broadcast and try the said game.

Planning ahead will also save you on days when you have a creative block. You wouldn’t find yourself scourging the internet for last minute content ideas, which can end up halfheartedly done.

16. Play some music

As of October 2020, Soundtrack by Twitch (beta) is now made available for creators worldwide.

The new feature gives content creators a curated list of copyright-free music that can integrate with streaming softwares to separate audio sources. This will keep one’s channel safe from the notorious DMCA notices, all while providing great content and growing further as a creator on the platform.

You can now play some groovy music to make your gameplays and live chatting moments with your audience more attractive!

17. Keep an eye on analytics

Channel analytics and other related data tools can help you figure out if you are achieving your goals and how your live broadcasts on Twitch are doing.

As you analyze and take a closer look at the performance of your streams, you can now determine if you need to change a few things in your regular programming.

This involves changing your content relevant to what’s bringing you more views, changing your minimum streaming hours, and the like.

18. Build loyalty with your audience

It’s important that you build a close and tight-knit online community with your loyal followers and subscribers, as they can greatly help you grow your channel on Twitch.

For instance, try to reply to questions in the chat as much as possible. Responding to them live will give them a sense of feeling that they are part of your broadcast.

Always keep your audience engaged and don’t forget to thank them for their support.

19. Reward your loyal subscribers

Twitch subscriptions come at a cost, so in order to thank your subscribers— offer them something in exchange for their support.

You can thank your community with Badges, which are specific badges that are displayed in the chat next to their usernames. Badges have a different color which allows paid subscribers to effectively stand out from the rest.

Another way to make your subscribers feel appreciated is to hold subscribers-only games with them. Consider playing together with your subscribers, as this will definitely improve your online brand on Twitch.

20. Learn from other streamers

Pokimane on Twitch

In order to grow on Twitch and keep up with the competition, you can always opt to check out other live streamers and learn a thing or two from their broadcasts.

Take note of the various strategies that they are doing to improve their online presence on the platform. Who knows, it might work well for you as well!

Another benefit you’ll enjoy by checking out others’ streams is that you’ll most likely come up with fresh new ideas for your own content.  Never let your content get bland.


Following these 20 tips will undoubtedly help you increase your online presence on Twitch and guide you into building your very own loyal community, so don’t forget to keep these strategies in mind!

Do you have other helpful tips you want to share with other aspiring Twitch streamers? Let us know in the comment section below.

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