Belle Delphine’s “Gamergirl Condoms” Sold Out after 24 Hours

After her Gamer Girl Bathwater™ proved to be a hit, cosplayer-entrepreneur Belle Delphine moved on to sell Gamergirl Condoms.

Her merch quickly sold out after 24 hours, all thanks to the overwhelming support from thirsty fans.

Entrepreneurial history

Delphine broke the internet last year for selling her allegedly used “GamerGirl Bathwater” at $30 a bottle.

It wasn’t because the idea seemed too absurd that she went viral, it was because her idea proved to be a viral hit amongst thirsty men and gamers who wanted to have their piece of the rare collectible.

Belle Delphine is a YouTuber, model and cosplayer known for her signature pink wig. More recently, she’s active on OnlyFans.

Many desperate men around the world were to thank for having the exclusive bath water sold out in just two days.

GamerGirl condoms

Belle truly knows how to play her cards right— which is nothing short of iconic.

Now, she decided to sell branded “GamerGirl Condoms” priced at $10 each.

She announced the sale of her time-limited condoms at the end of her ‘eat my ass‘ music video. According to Delphine, the gamergirl rubbers are pink, lubed and latex “for when you have the urge to rise up.”

To no surprise, the influencer sold out all the pink condoms— whose packaging sports an Xbox controller— in just a few hours.

Delphine used her influence and social media presence for her product’s marketing efforts. She shared a clip on Twitter where she blew up one of her $10 condoms, saying:

“Rise up Gamer Boys, it’s time to get your Gamer Girl condoms!”

Her video clip on Twitter said:

“If you’re watching this video you’ll never need them anyway.”

This implies how Delphine knows her fans are far too charming that nobody would ever dare ask them to wear a condom, or the opposite.

Fans seem to be in awe and express their respect towards Belle’s hustle:

“this woman is a f*cking genius and is playing us all, and im here for it”

“*laughs in Belle Delphine simp nation*”

“BREAKING NEWS: Belle Delphine releases the first ever 100% effective contraceptive as no man wearing a gamer girl condom will ever have sex. Genius.”

She used a similar technique last year to sell her viral bathwater, where she sat in a bathtub holding one of the coveted jars and posing seductively for the camera.

The online personality, who recently made a comeback on social media after a few months hiatus, continues to prove she’s got an eye for business with her target audience.

Delphine also sells other merchandise on her online store. This includes posters of her anime version in cute pastel colors, sporting a NASA girl outfit, cosplaying a demon girl, and of course an ahegao one.

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