Magic: The Gathering esports 2020-2021 season announced

Heads up, MTG fans! The 2020-2021 Magic: The Gathering esports season will shortly resume this fall.

Even the pandemic can’t stop the new Magic esports season!

New season

Wizards of the Coast announced the future of Magic: The Gathering esports amid COVID-19 concerns.

There will be digital competitive splits and a Championship tournament for each set release.

The 2020-2021 Magic esports season will begin with the release of Zendikar Rising this fall.

However, organizers aren’t taking any risks.

The brand new season will be 100 percent digital (featuring an emphasis on MTG Arena gameplay) until it’s safe to reintegrate competitive, physical tabletop play.

Breaking down each set split

Each set split is divided into monthly ranked plays, leading to Qualifier Weekend tournaments. There will be a Championship tournament at the end of a set split.

  • Monthly ranked play (ranked 1,200 or higher in Mythic) on MTG Arena unlocks invitation to a future qualifying event.
  • Each monthly Qualifier Weekend will be a two-day event played on MTG Arena. The game will use a best-of-three Constructed format (Standard or Historic) for both days. The emerging top players from each Qualifier weekend will then be invited to the Championship.
  • The Championship of each split will feature a $250,000 prize pool, to be played on MTG Arena.
  • Players may also qualify for a Championship seat via Magic Online Qualifiers and other events by verified WotC partners.

Don’t worry, ranking in the top 1,200 via MTG Arena in Mythic isn’t the only way to participate in a split Qualifier.

Other qualifications:

  • Players with at least five match wins during day 2 of a previous Arena Open event may earn a seat at a weekend split Qualifier.
  • Competitors who have at least six match wins during day 1 of a previous month’s Qualifier are invited to the next one.
  • Players who earn four or more Mythic Points. Those who qualify for the Championship are not eligible to participate in weekend Qualifiers.
  • Players who earned 33 or more match points in a Players Tour Online event. These players will be ineligible to compete in Qualifier Weekends if they have qualified for the Championship.
  • Players who earn six match points during day 2 of the previous month’s Qualifier weekend will be invited directly to day 2 of the following month. This also counts as earning at least six match wins on day 1 in that follow month’s Qualifier weekend for an invitation to the Qualifier weekend after that
  • Discretionary invites.

League weekend tournament

Aside from Qualifier weekend tournaments,  MPL and Rivals League players are to participate in League weekend tournaments during a set split.

This will begin in October with the Zendikar Rising split. A League weekend tournament will take place each month.

  • MPL players will compete in two six-round Swiss tournaments, one on each day.
  • Rivals League players will compete in two six-round Swiss tournaments, one on each day.
  • Standings don’t carry over as each day represents a separate tournament.
  • Each match win is worth one point towards that player’s League standings.

Read the official blog post for the full details.

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