Is Summit1g Considering a Potential Mixer Move?

Summit1g recently teased about an upcoming streaming platform deal announcement in the coming weeks.

While a number of his Twitch colleagues signed exclusive deals to stream on other platforms, the streamer has been rather tight-lipped when quizzed about a potential move.

Strategic Preparing

Summit1g knows he’s now considered as one of the faces of Twitch.

Hence, he’s been strategic in discussing the on-going livestream platform wars where platforms covet top stars from their rivals in hopes of bringing their audience over.

When asked about his opinion on Microsoft-owned Mixer, Twitch’s primary rival, he swiftly diverted answering the question but announced he’ll be able to freely share his thoughts regarding different platforms in the next few weeks.

Viewers then picked up his hint about an upcoming announcement soon.

“I’m not going to be obviously talking about my decisions until they get officially announced.”

“I think for the time being we just leave it at that. I think you’re catching me at an awkward time for that question. Hit me up in a couple weeks or like a month with the same question, and I can give you an answer.”

Potential Mixer Move?

Recently, Summit is hailed as the most-watched streamer on Twitch.

Following the likes of bigshot stars such as Ninja and shroud leaving the platform, he has been enjoying the limelight now with a total of 65.77 million hours watched.

The numbers outperform xQc, who is in second place with nearly 50M total hours watched.

Enjoying Twitch as his domain now, it’s unlikely to see him leaving to start from scratch and compete with other established names in other platforms— but we never know.

He is represented by Loaded, the agency behind Ninja and shroud’s Mixer move, but also managed to keep stars like TimTheTatman and Lirik remain on Twitch.

Mixed Reactions

His fans seem to be divided about the circulating rumors on Summit’s potential Mixer move.

Some fans are ecstatic at the idea of a familiar face joining the growing Microsoft-owned platform:

“@summit1g on mixer has a nice ring to it”

“Mixer needs some more talent , Summit would be a good fit.”

“been watching @summit1g for a long time now and if he switched to mixer i would be over the moon as mixer is my preferred platform.”

While others are hesitant at the prospect Summit will have if he decides to join the platform, which is falling behind Twitch when it comes to views and active users:

“Mixer is atrocious, and I would have a big sad if he went.”

“Mixer doesnt have the money to keep bringing in top streamers.”

Whether it’s for financial security purposes or an avenue to freely explore his potential as a content creator, some fans reassured Summit they’re with him until the end of the line:

“He’s just trying to secure the bag, this gives twitch no choice but to give him a nice contract to stay or get offered something big from Mixer.

Either way, he deserves a contract for all his hard work the past couple of years.”

Summit’s decision to remain tight-lipped when quizzed about Mixer can only mean two things: either he’s flaming the hype but will choose to stay on Twitch, or he’s waiting until his contact is over to freely talk about signing with other platforms.

Either way, fans are all looking forward to his exclusive announcement!

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