Overwatch introduces battle royale twist in new Workshop mode

Although Blizzard doesn’t have any plans for a Battle Royale mode in Overwatch or its next upcoming sequels, many members of the community went all out as they designed a suiting BR experience with a new Workshop creation.

Stuck with core modes

Since its 2016 release, Overwatch has been stuck with a number of core modes: Assault, Control, Escort, and Hybrid.

These competitive staples are what predominantly makes up most matches of the title.

Limited time playlists, such as LucioBall or even Capture the Flag, spice things up in the game although only occasionally.

A new mode

A new mode, called Push, is slated to drop in Overwatch 2. This will be the game’s fifth core playlist (team-based showdown) in almost five years.

Many fans have been requesting a Battle Royale mode in Overwatch. However, this hasn’t been even teased by the devs.

Instead of waiting for a possible change of heart, some players took things into their own hands by designing their own BR version through the tools available in the Workshop mode.

This way, the community has a clear look at how a Battle Royale experience will play out in Overwatch.

BR comes to Overwatch

Reddit user TheDonOfDons provided two unique variations. First is a traditional deathmatch experience with a twist: loot is scattered across the map in four distinct rarities, similar to other BR titles.

“Loot ‘n’ shoot. Pick up items and blast your way to victory. 20 Unique items of 4 rarities – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary. Kill your opponents, get loot and defeat the competition! First to 35 kills wins!”

The main mode is called Last Man Standing, where players can enjoy a more authentic survival-based game mode as death is permanent.

Initially, you’ll have a few rounds of more relaxed looting pace before the intensity heightens up.

“Last man standing changes things by gives you a few rounds to loot up and rack up kills before dropping everyone into the perma-death round. When you die you’re out and with a zone coming in quick, you don’t have time to mess about.”

Kills don’t matter much during the early stage, what’s important is the quality of the loot you gather.

Whatever you’re able to scavenge in this stage will transfer through the ultimate showdown. There’s also a lethal zone to watch out for, just like every other BR game.

The intricate Battle Royale Twist admittedly took a long time to make, according to its creator:

“In fact the vast majority of the mode (The entire pickup and inventory system) was made before we had if else or anything like that. It was entirely coded using skip ifs (This was hell) and before the workshop optimizations the gamemode was too heavy for the game. But now its all good and I’m really excited to release them.”

These amazing Workshop fan-made creations are currently available on the Eichenwalde, Blizzard World, and the Black Forest maps.

The creator codes to access both BR modes in Overwatch are listed below:

Last Man Standing: D4KZY

Loot n Shoot: HE2GR

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