Fall Guys dev promises fix for “annoying” in-game balance problem

Good news, Fall Guys players! The developers of the hyped, viral game promised a fix for pressing in-game issues such as the infamous annoying balance problem.

One pressing in-game issue in Fall Guys involves the balance of players in team-based challenges.

The problem is confirmed to have a fix on the way. However, it is yet to be announced exactly when it’s going to arrive.

Hyped BR scene

If you’re an avid fan of the Battle Royale (BR) scene in gaming, you might have heard about Fall Guys— where players are tasked to survive obstacle course-style challenges that later narrow down to one final contestant.

The levels or challenges are divided into categories. You can opt to play solo: where every player is out for themselves, or team-based: where you’ll have to work with others in order to survive.

Many players seem to be enjoying the game since its launch in August, but just like every other title, it also has its own fair share of issues, especially one with certain uneven team-based levels.

A solution is on the way

Fortunately, Mediatonic confirmed that a solution for the “team balancing problems” plaguing the game is coming soon.

A user on the Fall Guys subreddit presented a suggestion regarding the issue:

“Please, stop the team-based challenges when the teams are uneven… I absolutely LOVE the team challenges, but this lack of balance ruins all the fun.”

Joe Walsh, lead game designer at Mediatonic, said that a fix for the specific issue should be expected in the near future:

“We’re on it but the turnaround for these things can be a bit slow. Won’t be in the patch today but hopefully we can squash this soon.”

At times, the number of players on each team is uneven probably due to the number of overall people in the lobby.

For instance, if there are 20 remaining players in the game and three teams are required— there would be two teams of 7 players and a team of 6 players.

Importance of teamwork

One missing player might not seem like a big deal in most multiplayer games, but teamwork in team-based levels is important in Fall Guys.

Having one less person on the other team can cause problems, and might even be the reason for losing.

There’s no ETA when the issue will be fixed. However, with the team currently working on a solution, players can expect these uneven teams to be over soon.

Fall Guys is one of the most trending titles in the gaming industry as of present.

In fact, A-lister streamers Pewdiepie and DrDisrespect recently collaborated for an epic showdown in the party battle royale.

Pewds ended up victorious in the end, beating the Two-Time 5–3 in the final round. As punishment, Pewdiepie made him watch his most disliked video on his channel.

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