Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s Break-up Worth More than $600 Million?

According to an Insider report, celebrity power couple Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau’s break-up was worth more than $600 million in media value.

And apparently, their careers benefited from the whirlwind romance.

Perhaps two of the most controversial content creators on Youtube, Mongeau and Paul got married last year but decided to take a “relationship break” in January.

Their open marriage was a whirlwind of drama and speculation, with some fans wondering if their marriage was even real or not.

Regardless, getting together proved beneficial to their careers. They boosted their exposure to each other’s audiences, which in turn helped their careers rise.

Most recently, Mongeau released her own perfume, and Paul followed in his brother Logan Paul’s footsteps and won a professional boxing match.

The said exclusive perfume completely sold out in only 76 minutes, and Paul successfully beat AnEsonGib in a knockout boxing match lasting less than a single round.

An Insider report asked Marie Mostad and Stacy Jones, online celebrity branding experts, if Paul and Mongeau’s eight-month relationship increased their worth in brand sponsorships and deals.

It shows that Mongeau’s net worth may have increased by 20-25% since April 2019, while Paul’s may have increased by 5-10%.

That’s approximately $605 million dollars of media value in just 60 days.

Though they called it quits at the beginning of the year, their careers have been going upwards since then.

In particular, Tana Mongeau seemed to benefit from the high-profile relationship more.

She has increased her YouTube following by 33% from 3.9 million in April 2019 to 5.2 million as of writing.

Paul, though already a famous Youtuber with 18.3 million at the start of their relationship, increased 7.5% to 19.7 million.

Critical Mention, a media monitoring service, revealed that there have been 1,825 mentions of Paul and Mongeau on online, TV, and radio, and most of these mentions were related to their breakup.

And according to Stacy Jones, CEO and founder of Hollywood Branded Inc, this may have resulted in a 7.75 billion audience reach which means over $605 million dollars of media value.

The increase in Mongeau’s exposure is partly because of her celebrity romances and friendships, including actress Bella Thorne, rapper Lil Xan, and most recently, Paul.

“While Tana is a comic and musician, it is her inclusion in those celebrity platforms that have opened the doors to being exposed to a new highly engaged audience who seem to like what she produces.”

“The media coverage provided certainly helped Tana Mongeau become a more familiar name than it did Jake Paul, as his name is already incredibly saturated in the marketplace due to his years of content production.”

Both social media influencers have a great amount of growth and income potential. However, both Mongeau and Paul need to stay popular with their fan bases to grow at the same time.

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