MrBeast responds to accusations of allegedly bullying former video editor

Jimmy Donaldson, more known as MrBeast to his fans across the globe, is one of Youtube’s top content creators. He currently has 24.6 million subscribers on his channel and is known for giving out generous amounts of cash and arranging insane challenges for his friends.

However, his former editor has come in the limelight to put a stain on the Youtuber’s once pristine image.

His ex-editor, Matt Turner, posted a series of tweets in early October claiming MrBeast has bullied him. The Youtube star allegedly thrashed him for simple mistakes and even refused to give credit for his work.

I’m not going to make a video about my time editing for MrBeast, but I will say that was the most mentally draining time of my life. I was yelled at, bullied, called mentally retarded & replaceable by MrBeast everyday. Being in tears and having mental breakdowns day after day-

-is difficult, and after awhile became too much. After every editing mistake I made, I was made to feel like an absolute idiot, even if the content wasn’t real. No credit was given (unless a video I edited got credited to someone else.) editors were told-
— SoaR Turner (@Turnur) October 6, 2019

The tweets exposing MrBeast have been long gone off Turner’s twitter account. He explained a hacker deleted every tweet he’s made in the past few months.

The tweets regarding MrBeast’s bullying has sparked outrage across online communities. Fans and critics alike both hoped for a clarification regarding the allegations – which prompted the Youtuber himself to finally speak out on the matter.

In a video by Drama Alert, MrBeast claims via phone call how he’s given Turner around $10,000 as severance and another job at SoaR gaming. He said this at the 8:42 minute mark.

A previous video of Turner from last year has turned heads across the internet, as the editor claimed that working with MrBeast was “a blast each and everyday”.

Turner also admitted that the famous Youtuber had to let him go for “higher aspirations”, claiming that he wanted a long-term editor. He also revealed how MrBeast paid for the apartment he’s been living in at the time.

Another former MrBeast content editor, Nate, reminded people about the similar case of his past employment.

@FlyyDoesYT wrote:

…Everything Turner is claiming sounds like the exact environment I worked in and for people not to believe him is killing me. This is real shit that happens behind closed doors. Everything people and you see on his channel or from him isn’t what you think. The work environment for the people that arguably do majority of the work for Beast is one of the most depressing environments anyone could be in. There’s so much more to know and say…

Since his allegations, MrBeast has yet to speak further on the incident. Fans are still waiting for a more detailed explanation on his side.

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