Asmongold Believes Explosive Fame can be Bad for New Twitch Streamers

New streamers may find the idea of explosive and overnight Twitch fame as an answered prayer, but streamer Asmongold believes that kind of fame can be rather bad for young bloods.

Every streamer’s dream

Who wouldn’t want to be the next big internet sensation?

Every aspiring streamer knows how difficult it can get especially when you start from scratch. You’re lucky to have consistent viewers who will tune in whenever you go live.

Hence, Twitch fame is every streamer’s dream (may it be indirectly or directly) during their time on the platform.

This may seem like great news for all streaming newbies and a concrete goal to attain, but Asmongold warned against it based from his rich history in the industry.

In fact, he warned aspiring streamers about it and even called it a “worst” way to grow a channel.

Too much to handle

According to Asmongold, one of Twitch’s most influential stars, explosive popularity may be quite too much for a small-time streamer to control.

If you’re only starting out, you may lack the experience and determination to keep pushing yourself with every setback you encounter.

And it seems like Asmongold’s words of wisdom prove that he knows what he’s talking about in a recent YouTube upload.

The prospect of new fans coming to “see the hype” may sound life-changing and exciting, but many of these new viewers may spell trouble for your career that’s barely starting out.

The popular World of Warcraft streamer says that if a new streamer doesn’t build a strong community from the ground up, with all the right foundation, they may “quickly find themselves a stranger in their own community.”

“Whenever a stream grows very quickly, and sees a large surge in popularity, it is extremely hard to create and cultivate and keep those inside jokes and the inside irony behind the jokes as pure as they originally were.”

The Twitch star believes in the importance of garnering fans who can understand your inside jokes, and the unique vibe of your every stream.

Trust is key

Although the streamer recently took a four-month break from any streaming-related activities to give himself a break, he remains firm on his beliefs.

He claims building a solid connection with fans is an important factor if someone wants to make it big on Twitch, and remain to be regarded as one.

“The key is trust. The reason that’s important inside a community is because it not only creates a community where you — the streamer or content creator — is comfortable, but your fans are comfortable too.”

He also offered some piece of personal advice for novice streamers to learn from:

“If you find yourself growing too quickly, take a step back. Focus on building a core Twitch community. Make sure you know you have a lot of people watching you, and be aware of that when you’re creating content. Get away from inside jokes.”

Internet fame may seem to be true #StreamerGoals, but many A-list streaming stars have spoken about the draining and ugly side to it.

Reality check: it’s one of the few prices a streamer has to pay.

And for those who are barely in the process of starting out their careers, it’s important to remain grounded and avoid getting disillusioned.

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