Ninja shocks fans with surprise Twitch stream

Ninja on Twitch? What a pleasant surprise to see the OG return to his home platform!

Fans of Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins may have not seen this coming a few months ago… back when the Mixer shutdown announcement wasn’t confirmed just yet.


The Fortnite pro is arguably the most sought-after free agent in the industry right now, after his deal with Mixer was cut abruptly.

On June 25, the Microsoft-owned streaming service shut down its operation to collaborate with Facebook Gaming instead.

This left a couple of signed streamers, including Ninja and fellow gaming icon Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, available to look for new home platforms.

Shroud has dropped hints about his return to the pro gaming scene (Valorant), but Ninja might have opted to come back to his roots— Twitch.

Twitch return?

On August 5, Ninja went back into Twitch to stream his Fortnite gameplay with Benjamin ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo.

It has been a long time since loyal fans saw Ninja’s Twitch channel being active once more.

He managed to average 70,000 viewers on his first stream back on Twitch, which is over a year since he left.

His success pushed him to reach Affiliate status once more in such a short time.

“Super early stream planned within 14 hours was a super success on twitch with

@DrLupo. I really missed this.  Also! JUST HIT AFFILIATE!”

In the past, the streamer has reached record-breaking heights on the platform and even hit over 250,000 subscribers.

During his latest stream, however, things were a little different. He referenced his decision to remove his subscribe button, not being able to choose VIPs, and a bunch of other features he used to have access to.

Ninja also went on to talk about his streaming status as he’s switching between platforms at the moment:

“OK, so I’m kind of in a thing, but not really. There’s obviously other people…”

It was rather apparent that he was still tight-lipped about the matter. However, this only meant he may be streaming on both Twitch and YouTube as if testing the waters.

It’s complicated

During the starting segment of his stream, he described his current relationship status with streaming platforms as “complicated” after being prompted by Dr Lupo.

His reappearance on Twitch might hint he’s not entirely done with the audience he has built up for the years he’s been on the platform.

But, Ninja has expressed interest in trying everything— from YouTube streaming to being a Hollywood star.

For fans wondering if Ninja will be staying on Twitch for good, a little more waiting might do some good.

Whether he’ll choose to stream on YouTube or return to Twitch, the star streamer will soon reach into a decision to announce which platform he’ll call home.

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