Will Cloak Join 100 Thieves? Fan Speculation Continues

With the latest reveal of new 100 Thieves Cash App compound in Los Angeles, the esports organization undoubtedly grew to become one of the biggest brands in the industry since 2017.

Accordingly, seems like 100T founder Nadeshot may have found a new recruit: Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore.

Cloakzy, a pro Fortnite player, has built a good friendship with Nadeshot and the rest of the 100 Thieves members.

He is often spotted dropping by the 100T content house to pay his friends a visit, even streaming at the group’s hub some time in 2019.

Rumors about how Cloakzy could be joining his 100T friends have been circulating for a while now.

Nadeshot himself was quoted saying he would like “[for] Cloak to be the next recruit to join the team”.

Furthermore, there have been more evidence adding up to the speculations.

When Nade was giving a tour of the new & improved streaming studios at the 100 Thieves’ $35m hub, he says that news about Streaming Studio 4 “hasn’t been announced yet”.

But promises his viewers that the news is “coming soon”.

The hub will house their entire gaming production, including their pro-League teams, CS:GO squad, content creators, editors, and designers.

This led fans to speculate how a new member could be joining the 100 Thieves roster, but there wasn’t really enough information to formulate ideas of who it could be.

But in just a week later, a tweet by Cloakzy’s girlfriend Alexia served as a hint for some fans.

Alexia posted on a January 27 tweet that she’s moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles, which was of course, believed as a way for her to get closer to Cloak.

She also hinted that she “may have ended up in the same building” as famous 100 Thieves star Valkyrae.

“I’m really really excited to announce I’m moving to LA 😭❤️ the rain/cold in NJ 9 months out of the year just isn’t for me.. also I may have ended up in the same building as @Valkyrae 😳🎉”

And when fans asked if the move is because she broke up with cloak, she further clarified it wasn’t the case & even specified she was referring to living in the same apartment complex as Valkyrae, not the new 100 Thieves hub itself:


Was this a clever way to distract fans from knowing the announcement too soon? Or were Alexia’s statements blown out of proportion?

Eitherway, the rumors have been circulating around for a while now.

It’s only a matter of time for fans to get a clarification: either Cloak’s official announcement move, or a proof that their theories at the moment are wrong.

For all we know, Cloak could be headed to 100 Thieves this 2020!

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