Pokelawls Breaks Twitch After Eating Bubblegum in a Vile Manner

Streamer Pokelawls sent his Twitch viewers into a spiral after eating bubblegum in a vile manner on a recent stream.

This triggered his audience effectively, though.

He opened up a roll of “Hubba Bubba” bubblegum on camera and devoured it in a way that sent anyone who saw it over the edge.

Streamers and their odd eating habits often get broadcasted in front of their live audience.
This has led to some strange moments with lots of triggered fans, such as in the case of Shroud who got his gaming mouse covered in chicken sandwich grease.

Youtube icon Pewdiepie also revealed he ate pizza from the inside out, leading his fans to question him: “Why though??”

The former OfflineTV member seems to know exactly what he was doing when he told his chat he was about to “piss them off.”

In his January 8 stream, he decided to watch President Trump’s live broadcast to the nation. It wasn’t anything like his regular content but he expressed interest to see it. As he was kept waiting, since the POTUS was late, Pokelawls claimed he knew of a way that could piss off the world more than Trump could ever.

Afterwards, he took a pink roll of Hubba Bubba bubblegum (A rolled-up tape length bubble gum that people can slowly unwrap to tear bits off).

The streamer strayed away from the traditional path and decided that eating it normally wasn’t the way to go – so he bit through the wrap.

His chat went into total meltdown at his choice of actions. To mark his triumph, Pokelawls even held up the roll with a massive bite mark to show his fans what he’s done.

This infuriating clip landed on the top page of the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, where he’s described as a “War criminal committing actual war crime”

Many fans were quick to jump on the irate train, expressing their concern over Pokelawls’ disturbing behavior.

“I paused it right away, I knew what was gonna happen. I can’t start my day off like this…”
“There is no punishment conceivable for such a heinous act.”
“I’m completely shaking right now, I can’t believe I’d ever see something so, absolutely horrible in my life”

His master plan of pissing off people seemed to have worked as he planned it to be. It was evident how many people were annoyed by his vile act on stream!

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