Dr DisRespect Shares Honest Take on Valorant

Dr DisRespect went on to diss Valorant in the most Dr DisRespect™ way possible. But do we expect anything else from the two-time?

Valorant hype

Like plenty of other bigshot streamers on Twitch, Dr DisRespect has recently jumped on the Valorant hype.

Valorant is Riot Games’ latest project, the developers behind League of Legends. It is designed to be a free-to-play first-person tactical shooter game but the title remains to be in beta version.

The game is widely talked about and many fans tune in to any Valorant-related content since the game is still on its exclusive beta access. Thanks to Valorant, Twitch was able to reach an all-time record of 4M concurrent viewers.

But, unlike others who seem to immediately fall in love with the gameplay, Dr DisRespect does not seem to be enjoying his time playing.

Love and hate relationship

Although the two-time claims he hates the game, he’s also somehow hooked and thus cannot stop playing it. No matter how painful his plays get and the frequent outbursts over it, he continues to grind on.

But it won’t be a classic Dr DisRespect move if he doesn’t roast the title in his own way.

Yelling hilariously, the Doc began his epic rant after placing second in an encounter.

“You got to sit like a f*cking statue to shoot this f*cking weapon.” 

He further poked fun at the in-game bunny hopping by (literally) bunny hopping around the room to show his viewers how unbelievably hilarious it was.

More roasting

The problem with Valorant, according to the Doc, is that the game is lacking in speed and movement. It’s a slow, deliberate game compared to what he usually plays and prefers — speed, momentum, and some action.

That wasn’t the only aspect of Valorant’s beta access that Dr DisRespect dissed. Aside from how the game looks, he also voiced out his indifference on the game’s running animations, which to him is admittedly not that great.

The game seems to be a snoozefest for the two-time, who is used to competitive and adrenaline-pumping FPS games.

But since Valorant remains to be the talk of the town right now, there’s a great chance for Dr DisRespect to continue streaming the game in the future.

Although his opinion on Valorant seems to be filled with indifference, this might change in the future… Fans can only wait for any character development.

A case of misleading viewers

Recently, Dr DisRespect faced backlash for misleading viewers in supposed Valorant streams probably to lure in more views.

The titled stream “Drops all day” is highly criticized, since the two-time did not have drops enabled for the entire stream.

Many fans were furious about the incident and the issue has been talked about on various online gaming communities like Reddit and Discord.

Travis Gattford, an interviewer, called out Dr DisRespect on Twitter for his apparent lies:

“Heads up, Dr. Disrespect has, for the past two days, had “drops” in his title, but his stream actually isn’t flagged to drop keys. Pretty fraudulent. People in my twitch chat are saying he’s banning people telling him to stop in his chat and using sub mode.”

To this, the Doc merely replied:

“Fragile, concerned little tattle teller.”

Riot clarified that the beta access drops in waves. Hence, interested players do not need to be watching “drop-enabled” streams to get one.

As long as you’ve watched around 2 hours worth of a drop-enabled stream, you’re already eligible.

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