PewDiePie opens up on why he doesn’t usually collaborate with other YouTubers

In a recent video, Pewdiepie got personal as he answered private questions in an upload about “assumptions.”

The YouTube celebrity even answered a question on why he doesn’t opt to collaborate with other content creators as much as he’d like to.

This has been often wondered by fans, who would actually love to see Pewds collab with other famous online personalities on the platform.

On “Assumptions”

Anyone spending long hours on YouTube would at least know Pewdiepie’s name, and that’s only if they haven’t subscribed to his channel yet.

From his viral Minecraft videos to “FLOOR GANG, OUH,” his content has grown into an entertaining variety over the last decade.

Thanks to his hard work, the YouTuber is considered as the most followed individual content creator with over 105 million subscribers.

Not so often collaboration

Pewdiepie truly has come a long way now that he’s one of the faces of YouTube. Rightfully so, like many other celebrities, he addressed plenty of “assumptions” about him in a Q&A interview .

Commenting on “assumptions about me” has been a trend among content creators on social media. Influencers choose to answer personal questions from fans and viewers.

In particular, he revealed why he doesn’t get to collaborate with other YouTubers often in response to a fan who believed that he doesn’t do collab with new guests because he dislikes “most of YouTube.”

Pewdiepie shrugs off this assumption:

“That’s not true. I collabed with Ninja, I collabed with James Charles and that was fun.”

Further opening up about why he doesn’t work with other creators often, he continues:

“I think it’s more the fact that I don’t like asking people “Hey you wanna collab?” …It feels weird to me.”


Despite Pewdiepie’s apparent outgoing and loud personality while on camera, he reveals he’s quite the opposite in real life. If anything, he’s actually a shy person.

“I’m shy and I don’t like it. That’s the truth. I try to push myself to not be, but it’s really hard. It comes across very obvious when I interact with other people online sometimes.”

Now that’s something nobody would ever guess as an assumption!

Aside from the subject about collaborating with other creators, Pewdiepie also talked about situations where fans ran into him in real life, what his actual personality is like when he’s off camera, and why he’s still struggling to talk about serious topics on his content.

Pewdiepie’s “Assumptions About Me…” video made it on YouTube’s trending list for Gaming, despite the lack of gaming-related content. Talk about influence!

Last month, the online sensation signed  an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube, saying how the platform has been his home for over a decade now.

He further mentioned how streaming on YouTube only feels like a natural fit to him, as he continues to look for new ways to create content and interact with his fans from all over the globe.

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