Gamer Girl BathWater Entrepreneur Belle Delphine is Back Again

As if 2020 couldn’t get more bizarrely confusing, Belle Delphine comes out of hiatus to announce her return in a YouTube video appropriately titled “I’M BACK.”

Mysterious disappearance

Shortly upon achieving internet fame in 2019, Mary-Belle Kirschner (popularly known as Belle Delphine) mysteriously went off the grid and took an 11-month social media hiatus.

The internet sensation is both a content creator and a cosplayer. She’s loved by her thousands of fans across the world because of her fun and quirky personality.

There was a lot of speculation regarding what happened to the Gamer Girl BathWater Entrepreneur, who launched a business success by selling her allegedly used bathwater at $30 a jar last year.

From posting her cosplay photos on Instagram, Belle Delphine slowly made headlines and took the internet world by storm. If anything, she turned out to be the poster girl of the term “e-girl.”

She’s back?

The YouTube music video titled “I’M BACK” is Delphine’s way of saying hello once more to the online community.

As a comeback video, it features the ever quirky Belle Delphine in her signature pink hair and a giant black bow. She’s seen playing around and dancing as pops of color fill the video. It has garnered over 11.9M views as of writing.

Fans are surprised to see her sudden return to the internet, nonetheless:

“I won’t be surprise if July is just the world ending”

“Me: 2020 couldn’t get worse, could it?

June 2020: eXeCuTe oRdEr 66”

“The world:is sinking

Belle delphine: I’m once again asking you for financial support”

“She really just roasted everyone who gave her money and they still give her money”

But Belle only encouraged her fans to continue the outpour of warm support by saying:


Answering the question why she took an almost 1 year social media hiatus, the world-famous e-girl explains in a tweet:

“Why was I gone for so long?

well I wanted to come back earlier but I suppose jumping off a roof into a kids paddling pool wasn’t a good idea so I guess I had to stick with the rap video”

Apparently, she was caught in an unknown injury that hindered the possibility of an even earlier comeback.

Her sudden comeback is yet to be confirmed as a final one, though. Around November 2019, her fans rejoiced when she announced her supposed comeback but the excitement was rather short-lived as she went into hiatus once again after a comeback tweet and YouTube video.

Only time can tell, this time around!


The social media star is also active on OnlyFans, an adult platform for posting royalty explicit images. Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans account has a subscription rate of $35 per month, and her fans have rallied a total of 4,000 likes on her exclusive images on the platform. She must be raking it in!

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