Pokimane explains why she’s moving out of the OfflineTV house

Twitch superstar Pokimane recently revealed she’s on her way out of the famed Offline TV house.

However, fans need not to worry because even if she’s moving out, she’ll continue to make content and collaborate with the fun gang consisting of Scarra, Fedmyster, LilyPichu, Yvonnie, Michael Reeves, and DisguisedToast.

A big decision

In a YouTube vlog, Pokimane talked about the whole “moving” situation and how she’s feeling all nervous about it:

“If you’ve been kind of listening to sort of stuff I’ve been talking about recently, you probably know that I’m having a bit of a hard time balancing work and life and how I also fit in the culture in Los Angeles.”

She initially joked about the idea of moving back to Canada, before revealing she’s just moving out of the OTV content house to live with a group of her female friends.

Pokimane explains:

“I am moving very very close to the Offline TV house. If you don’t already know, I live with a bunch of my amazing streamer, content creator friends – we live in a big content creator house basically and I have for the last three years. However, as an amazing of an experience as that was – and I wouldn’t trade it for anything – I do feel like it is kind of time for me to try something new and I’m moving in with a bunch of my girlfriends which I’m really excited for.”

“And I do genuinely believe that it will help me balance work and life a bit better, or at least that’s what I hope for. You know maybe it’s something I don’t really like and I want to move back in with Offline TV, who knows? We will see.”

No falling out

This decision paved the way for fan speculation about Pokimane falling out or having tensions with the group, but the Twitch star was quick to clarify how the OTV squad have been supportive in her endeavors.

“I just really want to make it a point to say they have been so supportive of my decision and it has nothing to do with OTV – I’ll still be in all of the videos, I’ll be coming over for shoots, I will be probably playing more games with them, I’ll be coming over just to hang out so nothing there is changing. I’m just personally kind of testing something out, in terms of my living situation. I’ve never ever just moved in with a friend, just to move in with a friend. It has always been either kind of linked to content creation or school.”

It’s reassuring for fans to know Pokimane will remain and continue as a part of the fun group moving forward.

Joining Cloak

In the same YouTube video, Pokimane also revealed she’s elated to join the Cloak team— an apparel brand made “by gamers, for gamers.”

She will work and collaborate alongside famous content creators Jacksepticeye and Markiplier, the masterminds behind the brand.

The gamer girl further shared her thoughts about the announcement in a tweet:

“a brand by gamers, for gamers..

i’m so happy!! ty for supporting me up to this point, hope we make dope shit that you’ll love.”

Wishing Pokimane the best of luck as she ventures into a new chapter of her life and career as a world-famous streamer!

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