BadBunny faces backlash for saying her life has “more value” than those of her audience

Twitch streamer BadBunny is once again making headlines across online communities.

Just recently, she claimed her life has more value than those of her audience— all while on a live broadcast.

And just like what one would have expected, the starlet sparked internet outrage and is now under fire yet again.

Most recent controversy

A well known Just Chatting streamer on Twitch, BadBunny caused a stir on the online world with strong statements claiming her life is more valuable than those of her viewers.

With a large audience tuning in to her broadcast, it only took a short while for her name to be on the trending list.

During a recent stream, not only did she dismiss a seemingly positive message from one fan because it didn’t include a paid donation, but she went on insisting for the viewer to give her some money.

“Then give me f**king money! That’s the way that I register your respect. Do you understand?”

The situation seemed to spark BadBunny’s full-blown rant, who continued:

“My value is so much more than all of your value put together everyone in this chat.”

“Like I know every life has value but like my life is far more valuable. All your lives have value but mine is much more valuable than your life.”

She even went on to compare herself (a ten in a 10-scale ratio) and the viewer, who she claims is out of her league:

“The fact that you don’t even acknowledge this really disgusts me. It’s like when you see a super super super ugly dude that goes up to like a ten and is like ‘hey babe you want to go out’, it’s like insulting.”

Gone viral

The clip immediately spread like wildfire and went viral on social media.

On Twitter, many freely expressed their take on BadBunny’s rather controversial comments including fellow content creators:

“REMINDER: never be ironic on twitch or you WILL be clipped out of context & farmed for engagement 🙂 just be perfect at all times & never make jokes it’s not that hard sweaty x”

Some argue that the clip was taken out of context and blown out of proportion, even if it was clearly pure sarcasm.

But others also criticized the Twitch streamer for being a “troll” in order to gain attention and more followers.

“too late for the fake acting skit now. everyone already knows you’re a terrible person”

“At this point she is just trolling to get trending”

Even Scarce, a famous YouTube news channel, claimed that BadBunny is merely trolling for the views:

“She is trolling to try to get more people to talk about her so that she can get more followers.”

“A lot of female twitch streamers right now are doing this, they’re saying crazy stuff on their stream in order to get followers in order to get people watching them.”

Turns out, it is becoming a common strategy among many Twitch streamers to gain traction and clout.

Turned into a brand?

Someone pointed out on Twitter how BadBunny turned “trolling” into a part of her brand.

“After the first BadBunny incident, I jumped on the bandwagon and took it at face value. After looking into her and her content I realized I made a mistake. This is her brand. She has a “findomme” style stream, and that’s her thing. She even calls gifters ‘good pigs.'”

Her rather eyebrow-raising statements are effective in catching the attention of many, given how easy it is for these words to be taken out of context.

“That’s her style. I wouldn’t do it, and out of context I would see how it is very off putting. It was for me too. This was also taken out of context, after talking to a bunch of trolls. NOW she has taken the last controversy and made it a brand too.”

This is not the first time for BadBunny to be under fire for her controversial comments.

A similar incident happened in January, where she was filmed badmouthing her unsubbed viewers and berated people for their hard earned money.

She also went on a tirade last year and branded her audience as “cheap asses” and that they are “leeching” for not giving her a sub/donation.

There doesn’t seem to be a character development taking place for BadBunny, but who knows?

With the continued public scrutiny, fans may be bound for a surprise at the later half of this year.

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