Twitch Streamer BadBunny Enraged at viewers Not Subscribing to her Channel

Many Twitch streamers don’t have it easy. First, they start their channels in hopes of creating a great community.

This proves to be a challenge considering how difficult it is to reel new subscribers and viewers, and the struggle can be rather ugly.

In the case of BadBunny, she just proved in a recent stream how streamer “entitlement” and making a name for yourself don’t mix well.

Perhaps fueled by her frustration over slow channel growth, she went on a rant described as a blatant show of disrespect during her January 18th stream.

“How did my whole speech about how I need subscribers to get the stream going… result in zero subscribers?”

“There are regulars here. Five dollars a month! How do you have hours of time to watch me, and not $5? What are you doing with your life where you have hours of time to watch Twitch, and not $5 to provide for the content that you’re watching?”

Many viewers see the Twitch starlet as a greedy streamer who’s berating people for their hard earned money.

Furthermore, she also pointed out how she’s technically “working for free”, as she has not received a sub or donation in an hour.

“Chat! I haven’t got a donation or a sub for an hour!”

“For an hour?! What the f**k?! An hour when I’m f**king working for free?! What the f**k?!”

This is not the first time for BadBunny to badmouth her viewers.

In fact, she previously went on a tirade last year and branded her audience as “cheap asses” and that they are “leeching” for not giving her a sub/donation.

Fortunately, many Twitch streamers don’t come off as entitled though.

A lot of content creators on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube are appreciative and grateful enough for any support— an active chat, a new follower, and donations of any amount.

Any form of viewer interaction is cherished. There’s no price tag as to what a streamer can consider as a “support”.

BadBunny may receive backlash for taking her community granted and having a ridiculous ego. Most of the time, this can lead to a disaster in her career and the brand name she’s crafting out for herself in the long run.

Fans were quick to point out there was no reason for BadBunny to have the right to go on badmouthing her viewers like that, even if they were “leeching” off her content.

“IS THIS SHIT REAL?! I know we meme a lot about shit, but this type of attitude is complete trash. No one owes you SHIT in this world. NEVER be this self centered gang🤙”

“I don’t think she realizes that yes streaming on Twitch you are doing it for free. You are willingly putting yourself out there for free. It is through generosity of others we find a donation or a sub. This is NOT how twitch works at all! This is how Not to build a community.”

At the end of the day, BadBunny herself was the one who signed up for the streamer life in the first place.

The journey may get frustrating at some point, but all she can do is persevere and not harass her followers who are not wearing the “sub” badge — for a change.

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