PewDiePie takes the internet by storm with insane body transformation

PewDiePie recently posted a body transformation photo on Instagram and everyone had the same response, a mixture of surprise and amazement.

It seems like the thirst is real, ladies and gentlemen. Nobody can resist a good thirst trap, at least in the online world.

Gone viral

The Swedish YouTuber once again took the internet by storm, but not because of his viral videos and comedic skits. This time, it’s his body transformation photo that went viral and has been liked by over 4 million times on the platform.

PewDiePie is undoubtedly one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. He made a name for himself after his funny commentary while playing games.

Soon after, the YouTuber became a meme-reviewer, a satirist news anchor and a self-subbed dad to all “9-year-olds” of the world. His fans call themselves the bro army.

What his community didn’t know was that he was also working out heavily aside from uploading his usual videos.

He revealed his shocking transformation in an Instagram post, as he writes:

“Last day of no simp September boys.”

With his toned body and abs, it was only natural for his fanbase and the rest of the internet to be impressed at his thirst trap pic.

Many took it to social media to express their amazement:

“pewdiepie ripped as hell”

“My new dream home is that dark void right in the middle of Pewdiepie’s washboard abs.”


“pewdiepie….? is… ripped….? how… does… he have… time…. doesnt…. he play…… minecraft?? 24/7???”

The secret to getting ripped?

Many began to question how Pewds got so ripped, especially when he’s mostly recording new uploads or playing his games. However, the YouTuber previously revealed his diet plan during a live stream earlier this year.

“I don’t push myself much with it so honestly, I don’t know.. I quit drinking which really, really helped I think. There’s so much calories in whisky I think. I started eating a lot of proteins.”

Pewds further said that including proteins in his diet helped him stop snacking on chips, popcorn and junk food— which are all guilt-filled snacks.

He continues:

“Once you start working out, it changes your mentality to food. If you go without a certain food that you thought was so important like cakes or hamburgers or fast food.”

To Pewds, getting rid of his junk food cravings was liberating at the very least.

“If you go without it for a longer period of time, the craving to have it disappears completely. And you feel liberated. It’s tough in the beginning, but once it has gone from your diet, you don’t care about it anymore.”

Undoubtedly, surely a number of his fans will add PewDiePie to their #fitspo and fitspiration goals!

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