Twitch Streamer SAKURA Senpai Reveals Why She Dislikes the Word “Weeaboo”

Twitch streamer SAKURA Senpai didn’t shy away from expressing her disdain on the word “weeaboo” during her January 6 livestream.

The Japanese streamer, famous for her variety streams in both English and Japanese, wanted to use her platform to educate her viewers on a term she deems rather offensive.

The term “weeaboo” is often used to describe anime & manga fans and those who are (hardcore) enthusiasts of Japanese culture.

“I’m really angry about the word because if someone says ‘I love baseball’ or ‘I love basketball’ or ‘I love American football’ then no one judges you…”

“But if you say ‘I love anime,’ ‘I love Japan’ then some people make fun of you.”

Sakura believes that this double standard needs to be addressed. She continues,

“Seriously… What’s the difference? Don’t judge about it. If someone judges you, ignore it okay?”

Many are automatically judged by their peers for liking Japanese culture. This is something the streamer doesn’t get, and something she thinks should not be tolerated in the long run.

She also has some unique views on weeaboos who place Japan on a pedestal while having negative views of their own home countries.

“[There are] some weeaboo people who look down at their country… Like, Japan is great, but other countries are not so great. That’s not true!”

It’s a fresh take for a streamer to use her platform to speak her mind on things and issues in society that needs to be addressed.

Many streamers are particularly in love with the country, with Youtube icon Pewdiepie buying a property in Japan prompting rumors he’d move to the country.

Twitch’s top female streamer, Pokimane, also recently visited the country together with her OfflineTV squad.

Although Japan is best known for its anime and manga influence, it’s not all that there is to enjoy! The country’s rich culture is also something worth appreciating.

Seems like SakuraSENPAI got your backs, weaboos! Don’t be ashamed of who you are and embrace it. What a great way to start 2020 indeed.

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