Pewdiepie Explains Why He Stopped His Regular Minecraft Videos

Thanks to his wildly popular Minecraft series, Pewdiepie has cemented his status as Youtube’s top individual content creator — even becoming the most watched channel in 2019.

However, the Youtube star has chosen to stop his regular Minecraft videos and further explained the reason why during his January 6 upload.

2019 was one hell of a year for the Youtuber, reaching over 102 million subscribers. The past year officially made the Swedish gamer as the most followed content creator on Youtube.

His channel growth is largely fueled by his return to his gaming roots.

When Pewdiepie released his viral Minecraft series (complete with hilarious commentaries and memes), it totally dominated the video platform over.

Even non-fans could see his gameplays on the front page of Youtube and on their recommended lists. As a result, the series revitalized the Microsoft-owned game in sales.

However, in his latest upload, the YouTuber explained why he hasn’t been creating new episodes lately.

While reacting to memes in his latest ‘Last Week I Asked You‘ series, he came upon a fan submission that compared him to the Pixar film “Toy Story” where the main character was already at the point where he neglected his old toys.

The comparison applies to Pewds as he no longer plays Minecraft as often as he used to.

“I don’t want to play with you anymore, Minecraft!”

He read aloud, before bursting into laughter. Apparently, his busy schedule (as of late) has kept him from creating new content.

“It’s just those episodes take so long to make, and I feel like I had no time because I’m so busy with other things. So I’m sorry!”

First launched in June 2019, Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series marked his epic return to his gaming roots that he’d largely abandoned for years to prioritize reaction-style skits like Pew News, LWIAY, and Meme Review.

His viral Minecraft videos garner hundreds of thousands of views on average. It’s one of the primary reasons why his channel exploded in popularity.

Regular viewers and avid fans tune in to see his episodic videos where he goes on adventures in the sandbox game, which even has a recurring plot.

According to Social Blade, a third-party YouTube data tracking site, his monthly views nearly doubled from June to July, only a month after the start of his titular gaming series.

Although the Youtube icon is currently on a break from creating new Minecraft content, fans are in high hopes he’d make a return in the future.

After all, he can’t leave his trusted sidekick Sven all alone.

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