Pokimane Releases Christmas Fan Mail Unboxing Video

Pokimane’s Christmas fan mail unboxing video is finally here!

The famous content creator opened a lot of interesting packages for her christmas fan mail unboxing stream.

In particular, one fan sent her a rather inappropriate costume that she had fellow OfflineTV members Michael Reeves and LilyPichu try on!

It’s only one amongst other inappropriate things that she opened during her unboxing Christmas stream.

Poki started the 10-minute vlog wearing an adorable Frosty the snowman outfit. The particular Frosty the snowman outfit she tried on is something she described as a “Kim K” homage, which she paraded in front of the camera.

“This is a lot to carry around you know… I wonder if that’s how Kim K feels like she just got a thing to carry around all the time.”

Fans agree in unison that the outfit does make her look thicc!

She began to unbox her Christmas fanmail presents: a relaxing bath set of Honeysuckle bath fizzies in the shape of pixel hearts and a honeysuckle bubble bath.

The streamer also got books (The Art of Gathering, Inevitable), to which she made fun of.

“Funny how you think I’m Illiterate when I’m a streamer.”

Other things she received in the mail are: a (funny) customized shirt, hat, an adult toy with a lube (which she anticipated she’d probably get after 6 years into streaming), toys for her pets, and cute water bottles.

Perhaps the highlight of the unboxing video was her sexy Mrs Santa Claus costume, which she asked Lilypichu to wear first.

Shortly after, Michael Reeves was all dolled up by Poki for his turn to wear the particular sexy Mrs. Claus costume.

Fans noted how Michael resembled Ariana Grande when all glammed up.

As of writing, the particular vlog garnered over 441k views.

True to the spirit of Christmas, fans sure went wild with their gifts. Pokimane seemed to have enjoyed the sentiment poured beyond each present!

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