Particular Valorant ‘glitch’ might be Riot’s teaser for the next Agent?

Many Valorant players are growing more suspicious of a green orb ‘glitch’ found on Split before the rounds begin, and it was only a matter of time for fans to form their own speculations about it.

One famous theory is how it might be Riot’s new teaser for the next new agent in the 5v5 tactical shooter.

End of Act 2

Riot already confirmed the end of Act 2 on October 13, paving the way for the start of Act 3 immediately after.

A brand new subsection in Ep 1 would mean another Agent will soon make their way to the hyped game.

There’s no confirmed information about the possible Agent 13 yet. With just one month left for Act 2, players are gradually forming their own fan speculations on the next possible reveal.

Strange glitch?

Many players have sighted a bizarre glitch in the form of a glowing orb (throwing around in a loop) before ultimately vanishing from the map.

The strange green and blue-colored orb was noted to be found on Split, near the corner from where the previous Killjoy cutout teaser was placed.

One Reddit user, who goes by the name unofficialchicken, took the time to demonstrate the said bizarre sighting in a clip.

He hoped for his team to gather around the “strange, green glowing” orb before it disappeared into thin air shortly after.

“Yo what is this? Guys come to A, come to A. What the–,”

In the original Reddit post, he asks the Valorant subreddit community:

“Hello, does anyone have any idea of what this orb is? Has anyone seen this on any other map? First time I have seen anything like this and it did not seem like anything similar to the other orbs in the game.”

It happened during a game of Spike Rush on Split, where orbs of different colors surrounded them throughout the map. However, the attacking team was clearly left surprised after sighting the mysterious glowing spectre.


Players were quick to chime in their best guesses, saying it could be simply a glitch such as a botched Sage ability asset— but the Agent wasn’t in the match.

It was also suggested how it may be residual effects from a Finisher animation or a bugged powerup orb.

However, what made a lot of players curious was the animation attached to the orb before it disappeared. Many believe the sighting looked too “intentional” for it to be just a mere bug.

“The fact that it disappears just when the round stats makes me think this might be a teaser for a new agent”

“No way this is some sort of glitch. Look at the way it fades out, they definitely added some sort of animation or teaser thing in game.”

“Riot is known for making champion teasers for League. Usually they appear before the game ‘begins’ to not disrupt it later. It could be one of those.”

A few months back, Riot placed a cutout for Killjoy in the sneaker store on Split, further hinting at her official release in Act 2.

Similarly, the Act 2 Battle pass has a Tier 48 banner named ‘The Way Forward’ which may also be a teaser for an unknown Agent’s backstory and lore.

It’s important to note how both the in-game glitched orb and the Act 2 banner share the same green and blue color scheme, which just adds more fuel to the increasing fan speculation.

However, only time can tell if the strange floating orb truly isn’t some weird glitch, but Riot’s way of teasing the next Valorant agent.

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