Pokimane’s Japan Tour Vlog is Here!

Gamer girl Pokimane recently toured Japan together with her fellow streamer friends.

She was with her OfflineTV squad Michael Reeves, LilyPichu, Valkyrae, and Fedmyster for a 3-day adventure at the land of the rising sun!

With Japan being famous for its kawaii culture, fans can argue Pokimane belongs in the country just like a local with her innate charm and cuteness.

Poki begins the tour with a glimpse of the 8-person guestroom they’re staying. It features how Japan is famous for using smart spaces even in compact-sized rooms, as is observed in the bathroom and shower in where they’re staying.

The group tours the streets like locals, even stopping by a nearby 7-11 to check out the snacks and magazines before bumping into a wacky condom shop.

At night, the squad hit Shibuya to have dinner at a ramen shop (with Poki trying out the Tomato Cheese ramen, which she initially described as “ramen spaghetti”) and enjoy fluffy pancakes for dessert afterwards.

The group also embarked on a true maid cafe experience, with cute girls in maid uniforms calling after them as “Master/princess.” Everything in the particular maid cafe was true to the spirit of kawaii, even up to the cute menu items. Only in Japan can you find cute alcoholic beverages!

The squad also checked out the nearby Pokemon center complete with all the merch to Pokimane’s delight.

Twitch’s #1 female streamer didn’t hold back in buying all the cute merch she could lay her eyes on including Pokemon plushies, stickers, and pen sets. Does it spark joy? To Pokimane, yes.

The Japan vlog also includes the iconic vending machines, fancy convenience store food items for cheap, raw king crab, grilled octopus on sticks, and even tako senbei — squashed octopus on a traditional japanese rice crackers.

On their last day, they went to Lake Kawaguchi near Mt. Fuji. Pokimane particularly notes it as the thing she’s most looking forward to, being one with nature in Japan.

The video has over 1M views as of writing. Check out Pokimane’s full Japan tour vlog here.

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