Alinity shares disturbing pet chicken story, leaving fans bewildered

Twitch star Alinity recently shared a disturbing story about her childhood pet chicken in a stream with Mizkif.

Prepare for the horrifying cringe you’re about to discover!

Twitch streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon has had her fair share of time in the limelight, given her involvement in various controversies with her pets.

She also recently broke down in front of her live audience, claiming the overwhelming internet hate and bullying is going too far

“The s**t you guys say really affects people, okay? I just want you guys to know, it’s really serious. You guys can’t just send hoards of hate towards somebody without it having an effect on a person.”

That aside, Alinity revealed she also had some rough experiences with pets from her childhood.

Live with Mizkif

During a Twitch broadcast with fellow streamer Mizkif, she shared a personal yet rather disturbing story about a pet chicken back when she was a child.

Alinity grew up in Columbia during her early years before she moved to Canada. As a kid, she says she actually had some traumatic experiences with her beloved pets.

Fair warning though, Alinity’s pet chicken story might make you cringe… pretty hard.

To clarify, this wasn’t the streamer’s fault or doing at all. She started by briefly revealing how her dog killed her bunny when she was young— but this wasn’t the most traumatic part of her pet story.

She later spoke openly about a pet chicken she used to have, and how her parents treated it. One time in summer camp, staff took her to a chicken farm. Although her parents were against the idea, she brought the animal home with her.

“He was super cute and he was little,”

However, her parents claimed the chicken left and found a family of its own after it was gone missing at some point.

At 14, she asked her parents about it again— and it was only then that she knew what actually happened to the chicken:

“I was doing my autobiography for school, and I asked my mom, ‘What happened to [the chicken], you know? ‘Where did he go?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, we cooked him. And you ate him.’”

Bewilderment is an understatement

At the realization, even Mizkif’s face couldn’t stop from showing bewilderment at what he just heard.

The Twitch chat also went crazy, with both streamers left speechless for a few moments.

Although Alinity understood that her parents didn’t exactly want to tend after the chicken, the whole reveal upset her.

“Eating it themselves is horrible… [but] Feeding it to me? That’s just f***ing evil!”

For the podcast, the Twitch star also talked about her notorious cat-throwing incident and said that she would have been banned from Twitch for it (given it was up to her).

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