Ninja, Mr Beast & more to get Fall Guys skins after $1 million charity auction

It’s official, Ninja and MrBeast are getting ‘Fall Guys’ skins after a $1 million charity bid.

The online superstars also collaborated with G2 Esports and Aim Lab to make the pledge in an intense bidding war.

Brace yourselves, Ninja, Aimlab, G2 eSports and Mr Beast-related skins are heading over to Fall Guys!

Winner, winner

A team composed of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins won the charity competition to have their exclusive skin included in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout- considered as one of the hottest BR titles of the summer.

During the last minute of the 2 week-long competition, the Fortnite icon announced he would team up with YouTuber MrBeast, G2 Esports, and Aim Lab to donate $1 million to a UK-based charity “SpecialEffect” that helps those with physical disabilities experience video games.

Each of the four participants will officially get their exclusive skin added to the game, as announced in the Fall Guys Twitter account.


THE WINNERS ARE: @G2esports @Ninja @AimLab @MrBeastYT

With a combined donation of $1,000,000 for


Probably the spiciest team up since The Avengers??????”

For charity

Mediatonic, the developer behind the hyped game, announced the charity competition on August 17th. That’s only two weeks after Fall Guys was launched.

The studio said in a statement:

“The thirst from brands has been unreal… so we’re turning it into something positive,”

Fall Guys turned into an overnight sensation, making everyone across the world check out the BR title for themselves.

In hopes of creating a positive impact on the community, the devs promised to introduce a skin to Fall Guys representing the brand (or any personality) that was willing to donate the most amount of money to SpecialEffect.

Interested players quickly made their donation in hopes of getting a personalized skin added to the Battle Royale game.

Initial bids poured in ranging around tens of thousands of dollars, but as the game reached greater heights, things also quickly escalated.

Warframe developer Digital Extremes pledged $20,000 to the charity auction. The leading bid was $510k before Ninja and the others joined in with their pledge.

Dubbed as the “Battle of the Brands,” the Fall Guys charity pledge concluded with a whopping $1 million bid.

Aim Lab announced the winners on Twitter:

“Crowns should be held in the palms of those who continue to do good 👑 We’ve teamed up with @G2esports, @Ninja & @MrBeast to pledge $1,000,000 for charity!

@SpecialEffect you dropped this 👑”

Ninja’s skins

This is not the first instance for Ninja to get an exclusive in-game skins. In fact, Epic Games added the streamer’s skin on Fortnite at the beginning of the year.

There’s no official timeline yet on when the skins will make their way to Fall Guys or what they look like, but fans speculate it might be introduced during the game’s second season.

Ninja and Aim Lab already collaborated before for a design featuring both of their brands, so all that’s left to wonder is how Mr Beast and G2 Esports’ cosmetic will look like.

The four brands will get their own skins, rather than just one featuring each of their flairs.

“YES! We will include 4 costumes as a special thank you to the amazing people that made this possible,”

At the end of the day, all the money raised during the event will go to a good cause!

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