InvaderVie Shames “Cheapskate” Unsubbed Viewers, Again

InvaderVie, yet again, called out unsubbed viewers and even went as far as branding them “cheapskates.”

The Twitch streamer is infamous for her sense of entitlement, but it seems like there’s no stop in sight for her antics anytime soon.

An IRL Star

Famous for her IRL and Just Chatting streams, InvaderVie built her fame towards sharing a glimpse of her daily life.

Self-described as an effervescent lover of chatting, cosplay, playing the ukulele, and the occasional games— she also loves to get paid for the content she makes, apparently.

But in times of uncertainty, who isn’t?

A Sense of Entitlement

There’s nothing wrong with encouraging your viewers to sub if you could really need the financial support. To call them out in a negative light, however, just makes you sign up for controversy.

And for an influencer like InvaderVie, negative exposure might give her the clout and attention right now but it may also ruin her name in the long run.

When she shamed some of her viewers and fans as “cheapskates,” it’s as if she’s opposing her earlier statements of wanting to become a part of a supportive community enveloped in belonging and love.

The Case of The Unsubbed Viewers

During her April 14 broadcast, the 29-year-old claimed how she wasn’t asking for much from her unsubscribed fans.

She further spoke up about the issue and shamed unsubbed viewers for not supporting her content with a $5 payment.

“…It doesn’t matter how broke you are. If you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working.”

One viewer went to explain they would gladly support the starlet if they weren’t unemployed, considering current global events that caused many to lose their jobs, but InvaderVie only argued that the cost for a sub is extremely low.

By her tone, a subscription fee of $5 should be next to nothing.

“No one’s gonna convince me that what I’m saying is so rude or so unacceptable or so outrageous,”

“It just simply isn’t. It’s five dollars. It doesn’t cost you that much to sub.”

Viewers Began to Call Her Out

When her chat began to hit back at the insensitive comments, the now-agitated Twitch streamer accused them of being perverted “cheapskates” using her content to get off.

She further responded with a hint of sarcasm:

“These people in chat who are making these comments do not appear as immature, childish, cheapskates whatsoever.”

“They’re just sitting here m**turbating as hard as they can, as quietly as they can, ‘cause their parents are in the next room talking about how disappointed they are in them, going like, ‘Why would I ever pay for this when this sl*t gives it away for free?’”

The online community clapped back at her sense of entitlement, taking their frustration towards her on Twitter:

“If you start complaining on twitch about not having enough subs then maybe you should be more responsible and get a real job instead of flaming your viewers”

“…You are the irresponsible one for CHOOSING to try to make a living by streaming on a FREE platform instead of working a job to support yourself.”

Ninja Weighs In

Fortnite pro and Mixer star Ninja also shared his thoughts about InvaderVie’s recent controversy with a reaction video— calling her attitude as “toxic”.

“Second video I’ve seen about a streamer ripping their viewers for not subscribing or donating. A couple of words for streamers out there that don’t understand how important normal viewers are.”

Any form of support is still support, whether paid or not.

For full-time streamers who rely on subs and donations as their primary bread-and-butter, these are some rough times. But the bottomline is: it’s the same for everyone else.

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