TSM Offers Sneak Peek at New $50 Million Esports Center

Team SoloMid (TSM), one of the biggest esports organizations, offered fans a sneak peek at their new $50 million esports center.

The new hub is located in Los Angeles, CA and is scheduled to open this year. It features a high-end content studio for its members, gym, lounge, and more.

The $50 million esports center will be the organization’s new headquarters and gaming center, where TSM’s pro league teams can practice their competitive plays.

Keeping up with other esports organizations

Other esports organizations recently revealed their new facilities around the world.

For instance, Team Liquid announced its facility in the Netherlands, Dignitas in LA, and the Boston Uprising hub in Massachusetts.

TSM is keeping up with other esports organizations by revealing its new center scheduled to open sometime later this year — with a whopping price tag of $50 million.

The actual opening date has yet to be confirmed.

TSM esports facility highlights

Hosted by Fortnite captain Myth and president Leena Xu, the new TSM facility will be the “largest esports center ever created in North America.”

The new TSM performance center features the following, with some spaces sponsored by leading gaming brands:

  • Lenovo Lounge
  • Fitness Gym
  • Merch Store
  • Wellness Center
  • Open Office Space
  • Players Cafe
  • Scrim Rooms
  • Coaching Rooms
  • Outdoor Event Space
  • TSM Stage
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Room

A huge closed theatre is designed for TSM teams to host games. There will also be surrounding bleachers, so members can host launch parties and esports events.

A generous office space allows the esports orgs to hold meetings, personal coaching, seminars, or anything else they need a room for.

Players can enjoy private rooms if they seek some alone time, but there’s also a wellness center with nap pods and a fitness center if they want to stay in shape.

The upstairs includes a relaxing lounge, a cafe, and a huge green screen room if members want to experiment with more creative endeavors.

The most expensive gaming facility in the world

Dubbed as the “most expensive gaming facility in the world”, the new TSM headquarters is priced at $50 million for a 25,000-square foot facility.

Commonly, recent esports facilities feature practice rooms and wellness centers, but TSM’s Outdoor Event Space and Stage stands out from the typical. This likely contributed to the hefty price tag.

The team gave a glimpse of the place through a construction tour on Youtube, keeping fans excited for what’s to come.

TSM’s president, Leena Xu, also shared some information on the planned interiors of the $50 million facility. The solid walls will be colored in black and white, and covered in LED lighting.

For interested fans, check out TSM’s facility website to find floor plans of each planned room.

This new gaming hub is still in the beginning stages of construction.

It will also serve as a tour-friendly facility, welcoming fans all over the world to take a personal, closer look at what the new TSM hq has to offer.

Production may be affected or slowed down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, but fans can all expect a dedicated training place for TSM members shortly in the future.

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