Skye revealed as Valorant’s next new Agent in Act 3

A new Agent from the land Down Under will soon make her debut on Future Earth.

Riot Games have confirmed the next Agent to make her appearance in Act 3 on October 27— Skye, a versatile Agent with a skill set that can scout, harass, and heal her teammates.

Teaser’s over

The Australian Agent who is in-tune with nature will be joining the Valorant roster in Act 3, making her the 13th Agent on the current pool.

After Killjoy’s debut, Riot shortly dropped the trailer for the next Agent, Skye. She appears to rely on various “beasts” to help her team gain competitive advantage in every match.


From the Agent Reveal trailer uploaded on the official Valorant YouTube channel, Sky has a versatile skill set that can be a total-game changer

For one, she’s able to heal her team, near sight and damage enemies from afar. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see her utility-filled abilities come into Valorant’s competitive play.

A closer look

The Agent of the Forest is another initiator, similar to Breach with the ability to flash and stun enemies.

She makes the perfect pick for players who prefer to scout out enemies first before completely pushing a site.

Guiding Light (E Ability)

Skye equips a hawk trinket and holding the fire key allows her to take control and scout. Pressing the key again triggers a flashbang.

This ability is best used to scout out Operators at long ranges to blind or force them off a sightline.

Trailblazer (Q Ability)

Skye sends out a tiger trinket as another method of seeking out enemies. Trailblazer’s tiger lasts about 7 to 8 seconds, with Skye controlling it over the full duration.

Upon approaching an enemy, pressing the fire key sets the tiger to explode. This blast stuns and damages the enemy, making them vulnerable for a head-on attack.


While equipped with a healing trinket, players can press fire to channel an area of effect heal. The heal is limited to her teammates within Skye’s line of sight and the AOE range.

Seekers (Ultimate)

Skye’s Ultimate involves a growth of flowers that hunts for enemies, with 3 orbs flying out to find the nearest targets. Upon reaching opponents, the orbs cause near-sightedness in the enemies.

Her skill set proves to be a great choice for scouts and entry fraggers. Perhaps the best use of her abilities is displacing, harassing, and incapacitating enemies to help other members of the team push sites.

Skye’s Valorant debut will be on October 27. Players will have to wait a couple of weeks during Act 3 before they can unlock the latest beastmaster Agent.

Fans are already expressing their excitement at the new possibilities with Skye’s addition to the Valorant roster:

“Imagine breach, skye, and Phoenix on a team just blinding everyone the entire time lmaoo I cant wait”

“finally i been waiting for some character to use some form of nature to their abilities.”

“This agent is gonna be insane she can flash and Heal the whole team and find people”

“Has AOE healing, flashes, and recon abilities! Now THIS is my kind of Agent! I found my new main”

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