Phoenix’s Run it Back is the most popular VALORANT ultimate in the US

Seems like the line “Joke’s over, you’re dead,” is music to many players’ ears!

If you’re wondering what’s the most famous ultimate ability by a Valorant Agent, Phoenix’s Run it Back is revealed to be a top choice by most players in the USA.

However, this doesn’t mean Phoenix’s ultimate is the dominant global choice. In fact, Jett’s Bladestorm is used more often by players across the world.

Top choice

As a part of Riot’s Valorant Global Stat Sheet 2020, it’s found out that most American players prefer Phoenix’s Run it Back.

“As far as the most popular Ultimates go, you’re either blasting in Brazil, running it back in the US, or throwing knives in the rest of the world.”

Meanwhile, most Brazilians use Raze’s Showstopper the most since she hails from Salvador— to no one’s surprise. Nothing like showing home court support, right?

Every other region in the world seems to prefer Jett’s Bladestorm, at least according to Riot’s official statistics.

Unlike other abilities in the shop, every Valorant agent’s ultimate charges over time as they fetch points in the match.

Players may also pick up orbs that spawn at the contested areas on the map in each round, and these orbs give players a single point to charge their specific ultimate.

Major changes

Since Valorant’s official launch in Patch 1.0, the devs made significant adjustments to Phoenix after he proved as an underwhelming pick during the beta stage.

The duelist was given better healing abilities and flashes, even letting him reload weapons upon respawning from Run it Back, which is crucial to his success and dominating fame in the USA.

It appears most U.S. players are taking full advantage of Phoenix’s adjusted abilities, as players like to ‘Run it Back’ in the USA.

The in-game description for his ultimate skill goes:

“Instantly place a marker at Phoenix’s location. While this ability is active, dying or allowing the timer to expire will end this ability and bring Phoenix back to this location with full health.”

In short, ‘Run it Back’ places a marker at Phoenix’s location. For the duration of his ultimate ability, dying or allowing the timer to expire will end the ability and bring Phoenix back to the marked location with full health.

Raze’s popularity

Though Raze underwent a series of nerfs since launch, Brazilians still show their motherland pride by blasting rocket launchers.

The duellist proves to be a perfect pick for attacking or recapturing sites thanks to her explosive gameplay.

Specializing in explosive charges, and anything that may explode along the way, she has a wide skill set for inflicting damage.

She is often found on the front line to play duels, making lots of Brazilian players great chargers in every match.

The damage from her ability remains consistent throughout the entire blast radius.

Hence, Raze’s popularity is steadily growing strong because of her strong signature and famous ultimate ability.

Jett as the poster child

And with Jett being the poster child of VALORANT, her popularity across regions is to be expected. One of the most agile Duelist Agents on Valorant is not only popular in her home country of South Korea.

Her agile power while wielding an Operator also contributes to her popularity, since wielding blades helps her the most in close-combat situations.

Her Ult sees Jett equipping several deadly throwing knives that deal moderate damage and kill on headshots.

Scoring a kill manages to restore all of her daggers. A left-click throws a single dagger, while a right-click throws all remaining daggers in a short-ranged burst.

Regions such as Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Korea, and CIS all used Jett’s ultimate, Bladestorm, the most.

Some players seem to have seen these results coming, replying in the comments section:

“Why is this not surprising at all LMAO”

“Almost like Jett knives are absurdly good”

“this is so real wtf”

“Run it back and showstopper are the most fun to use imo”

“Note to self: Jett mains live across the world, Phoenix mains are in America, and Raze mains are in Brazil.”

In another recent data released by Riot, it appears Jett and Sage are the most-picked agents. Clearly, the most popular ultimate abilities tell a different story.

What’s your favorite Ultimate skill on Valorant? Let us know in the comments below.

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