Team Liquid signs Actor Asa Butterfield

Netflix’s Sex Education star, Asa Butterfield, has officially joined the esports organization Team Liquid.

Although, it’s still unclear where he’ll fit into the team— either as a content creator, an active eSports player, or a brand ambassador.

The prominent actor’s addition to the Team Liquid family will surely attract some new and welcome attention to the eSports organization, even if the news comes off as a surprise to most.

Newest signee

Team Liquid continues to create unique yet bold moves with their newest signee being Asa Butterfield from the hit Netflix show Sex Education.

The official Twitter handle of the organization announced the exciting news:

“Welcome to the Liquid Family, @asabfb

We’re happy to have you on board, and look forward to seeing what you accomplish next.

(also if we ever need a sub for dota or smash, you’re getting a call)”

The actor seems to be grateful of the new opportunity, replying in a tweet:


Kind of unreal, I remember finding all the Starcraft2 streams on liquipedia back in the day, they were the first esports team even I knew of.

Thanks for bringing me in gang Folded hands let’s do some coooool sh*t”

Gaming background

Butterfield starred in globally-acclaimed movies like The Boy in Striped Pajamas, Ender’s Game, and Hugo.

Outside his impressive acting career, the 23-year-old poses some gaming background, having notably played Dota 2 and even competed in semi-professional Super Smash Bros Ultimate events.

The British actor also has had his previous connection with the Esports world in a similar affiliation with Panda Global and played as PG|Stimpy, but now he found himself in a much bigger organization.

Many fans seem to be surprised at the announcement of the unlikely collaboration:


“love seeing gaming and film collide. whoever put this together needs a raise”

“you guys must have forgotten this is Ender Wiggin who defeated an entire alien race thinking it was just a game…. ofc he’s damn good in strategy games”

“I knew that @asabfb has played Dota 2 for years but I never thought to see the day when he would join any organisation”

“I just woke and I had to make a second look to see if this is REAL. CONGRATS!”

Butterfield’s Twitch account has 2,000 followers with no videos saved. However, he previously streamed on this channel back in 2017.

Asa Butterfield boasts over 300k+ followers on Twitter, and now that he’s affiliated with Team Liquid— his influence on social media and events can seemingly widen their solid fanbase, having recently opened a new training facility in Amsterdam in 2020 to expand its European reach.

Team Liquid fans will probably begin to see more of the actor in the eSports scene!

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