Recap #6

February passed by in the blink of an eye. Regardless, it’s undeniable how a lot has happened in the gaming scene and online world. This month saw various international organizations pouring in their efforts over esports (particularly in Europe and Japan), and Pewdiepie has finally come back online *Bro fist*!

As the rest of the globe continues to fight and stay safe from Corona-chan, here are some of the news you might have missed in February:

NTTe-Sports just paved the way for Japan’s esports scene to undergo a major boost.

Stepping up the game for Japan’s esports industry, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp (NTT Corp), through four of its subsidiaries, announced its partnership with 2 non-related industry partners. The collaboration was formed with the goal of establishing a new group named as NTTe-Sports — designed to be Japan’s first-ever multi-purpose esports facility.

NTTe-Sports will work hand in hand with key people in the gaming industry to promote and cultivate the esports scene in Japan.

Fortnite pro Tfue explains the reason why he and Corinna Kopf broke up… Again.

This is the second time for the couple to break-up, revealing that one of the reasons behind the recent split was because of their living situation.

During Tfue’s February 1 stream, he confirmed the news himself – revealing the reason why they’d decided to go separate ways once more.

“I mean, yeah, me and Corinna are broken up but we’re still friends… I just don’t want to live in LA and she doesn’t want to live in Florida.”

“She tried to live with me but you know, you can’t just move somewhere and it be ok – you’re leaving all your friends, you don’t have any friends. I mean, I have friends in LA but it’s different.”

This month may just be the most unique one for Ninja to go down in history… yet!

Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins walked the stage during the New York Fashion Week for his sponsor, Red Bull.

He was a part of an MLS uniform launch, rocking black and red colored Adidas gear complete with the New York Red Bulls branding.

The Mixer star stood with models as they represented all the different MLS teams together.

“To walk a stage during New York fashion week is just another incredible achievement for me,”

“So blessed and happy to support the New York Redbulls and represent for my RedBull family.”

Seems like Youtube Gaming is gearing to keep up with Twitch!

Twitch remains to dominate as the world’s leading online streaming platform, favored by gamers and viewers across the globe.

To keep up with the competition, Youtube Gaming has plans to step up their game by implementing a couple of Twitch’s most popular features soon.

The addition of both viewership in-game rewards and the “clips” feature could improve and boost YouTube’s appeal versus Twitch.

During Electronic Arts’ Q3 FY20 earnings call, CEO Andrew Wilson hinted that The Sims 5 may indeed be on the cards.

EA is busy at work with one of its most-beloved franchises, The Sims. This real-life simulation video game is one of the best-selling video game series of all time.

Wilson hinted about how the next version of the franchise could indeed include both single-player and multiplayer components.

But at this point, it can be confirmed how The Sims 5 is still in the conceptual, pre-production phase.

There’s been a steady flow of The Sims 4 downloadable content, most recently with the Tiny Living Stuff pack. Hence, the release of The Sims 5 may not be anytime soon.

100 Thieves star Valkyrae decided to leave the new 100T LA content house, revealing she needs to change things in her life as the past few months have been rather hectic and stressful.

She admits how she’s struggling to balance her work and home life.

Needing to distance herself from the pressure and mental toil of “24/7 100 Thieves”, she then decided to move out.

But this doesn’t mean Valkyrae’s taking a step back from being a 100T member. The streamer only wants to prioritize her personal “health and wellness” by finally moving into her own place.

Korean Twitch streamer HAchubby burst in tears as she explained her decision to stream less on the platform.

She revealed her plans of taking a step back from streaming in hopes of studying English to improve her conversation skills.

The decision to focus on learning English came fresh off her return from a recent USA trip. During her visit, she collaborated with other Twitch names such as Pokimane, Lilypichu, and the rest of the OfflineTV crew.

Fans continue to speculate if this move only confirms the rumors that she’s going to join the OfflineTV gang.

After his successful #TeamTrees initiative last October to celebrate his 20 million subscriber milestone, seems like MrBeast is on to his next project!

After a few months, the Youtuber has hit another “insane” milestone at 30,000,000 subscribers.

On that end, he has teased the idea of a sea-based project similar to Team Trees to celebrate such a feat.

Its focus will be on helping the world’s oceans. The thing is — he doesn’t know how to do it yet, but the thought remains: he wants plastic out of the ocean.

Pokimane announced her recent partnership with University of California Irvine’s Esports program for a scholarship that will be awarded to one lucky gamer-student every year.

The special ‘Poki’ scholarship will be awarded to one lucky student in UCI’s esports program, which the streamer is excited about. It is notably difficult for college students to balance their work-gaming life especially in the competitive esports scene.

Aside from that, Pokimane will also be sponsoring 4 STEM Advantage scholars for majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Youtube’s number one content king is back!

More than a month after taking an official hiatus, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has returned with a new video. Looks like Pewds is set and ready to return to his usual Youtube grind.

Pewdiepie reacted to some of the viral memes he missed over the course of his break and also gave hints about his future plans.

The internet personality also didn’t miss out on the chance of telling his viewers how much he appreciates them, and that he’s grateful for their consistent support.

The European Esports Federation (EEF) was recently launched in Brussels, Belgium, with 23 countries represented.

The said federation is starting with 23 national associations and 3 major esports stakeholders, EsForce, ESL, and Burson Cohn & Wolfe.

These constituents from all over Europe will represent more than one million gamers in the continent. The EEF aims to promote a “conscious, responsible, sustainable, inclusive, healthy, and value-based development in esports.”

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