Valkyrae Explains Decision of Leaving the 100 Thieves’ LA Content Hous

100 Thieves star Valkyrae decided to leave the new 100T LA content house, revealing she needs to change things in her life since the past few months have been rather hectic and stressful.

In case you missed it, the highly-anticipated new content house of the famous esports organization, the “100 Thieves Cash App Compound” has been finally revealed in January.

The state of the art facility is dubbed as “the best gaming facility in the world” with a 35M USD price tag.

It has a neat, white aesthetic that fits the esports and gaming organization perfectly.

So why did Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter skipped on the chance to live in the new hub?

Simply put, the last few months had been a whirlwind to the streamer. She shortly left the new 100T LA abode after signing with the organization in 2018, and secured a huge deal with Youtube Gaming.

It goes without saying how Valkyrae looks forward to take a break.

She revealed that she’s planning to manage her hectic lifestyle by getting her own space while creating Youtube streams, filming personal vlogs, and setting up a collaboration with all her 100 Thieves co-stars at the same time.

Hofstetter addressed this transition period in her life in a house tour video on February 10. She admits how she’s struggling to balance her work and home life.

Needing to distance herself from the pressure and mental toil of “24/7 100 Thieves”, she then decided to move out.

The decision shocked many fans, especially since she and 100T go way back. She was the first streamer to join Nadeshot form the now-famous esports organization.

But this doesn’t mean Valkyrae’s taking a step back from being a 100T member. The streamer only wants to prioritize her personal “health and wellness” by finally moving into her own place.

She had been struggling to balance her health and wellness to live in the same area where she works.

Further explaining her decision, she says in her apartment tour vlog:

“Why I left the house… I just kind of wanted to separate myself from it all. As some of you know, Matt [Nadeshot], Jack [CouRage], and Brooke live in the content house, but I wanted to separate my work life from my home life.”

“The house is just five minutes away, so it’s not like I’m far. I have my laptop here, so I come home, can still game, and I get away from my work computer.”

“I made the call because I’m trying to focus on health, wellness, and fitness, and Michael [her partner and fellow streamer Michael ‘SonyD’ Sherman] encourages me to do that here as well, so that’s perfect and great. I think it will be a good change.”

Her move away from the new 100T content house doesn’t mean she’ll be stepping away from 100T-related content. Rather, she believes it will push her to do more.

“It feels like a bit of a reset moving in real life, and onto YouTube… I’ve been gaming my entire life, but now with the move I can focus on beauty, fitness, and as well as everything with 100 Thieves. I couldn’t be more excited.”

Valkyrae also admits that she had learned so much from her roommates, and hopes that they would remain supportive towards her decisions of moving forward — by getting a place of her own.

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