DrDisrespect Teases Big Streaming Announcement and Turns Out— He’ll Stick with Twitch

DrDisrespect recently teased his fans about a big announcement on March 12, regarding his streaming platform decisions for the foreseeable future.

The two-time’s big announcement prompted many to think about the possibility of him leaving the platform.

He hinted:

“Tomorrow, we decide what our streaming platform is… Ladies and gentlemen, be here tomorrow, 11AM Pacific Standard Time. It’s gonna be a good one!”

And as the announcement day approached, it’s confirmed that the Doc is staying on Twitch in a stunning reveal video posted on Twitter.

“Streaming to billions around the world, only on @Twitch”

In the video, the two-time can be found in a military dropship along with two pilots. He went on one of his classic rants about his desire to dominate the gaming world, before jumping and flying away.

Sitting on top of Twitch’s list of most followed streamers at the sixth spot, the Doc has been catching up to some of the biggest names on Twitch who jumped ships to rival Mixer.

The gamer’s exclusivity deal is rumored to be a multi-year and a multi-dollar contract according to esports journalist Rod Breslau.

“the two-time @DrDisrespect has re-signed to Twitch in an exclusive multi-year streamer deal that is in the millions of dollars per year and is expected to be announced today…”

In 2020, he has successfully brought in an average viewer rate of 31,000 per stream so far.

DrDirespect joins Pokimane, another Twitch superstar, who recently confirmed she’d be staying on the platform after securing a multi-year contract.

Other big names on Twitch are also expected to stay on the platform.

“DrDisrespect and several other big name streamers including Pokimane who made her own announcement last week had re-signed to Twitch months ago, but Twitch and its most important creators had decided not to make official announcements until now…”

Fans are all celebrating the Doc’s decision to stick with Twitch amidst an on-going streaming war:

“Dr Disrespect’s Twitch announcement video is f*cking glorious.”

“The. Face. Of. Twitch. Don’t get it mistaken. “

“Huge shout outs to @drdisrespect for signing his exclusive partnership with twitch. The video is crazy and I love it!”

“Twitch would never be the same without you Doc. Keep dominating!”

Fellow streamers like DrLupo, CouRageJD, and dakotaz were also quick to congratulate the two-time.

Although some initially speculated he might be jumping ships to the rival platform, the Doc has been vocal about his disinterest on how Mixer’s continuously poaching Twitch stars.

He was approached by the platform himself, allegedly even way before Ninja and Shroud — an offer he turned down.

DrDisrespect believes Mixer cannot buy viewership, and believes that Twitch will continue to have the strongest community in the streaming industry for many more years to come.

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