Meet Broxh: A wood carver turned into an overnight Twitch celebrity

Who ever said Twitch is only for gamers?

While game streamers continue to dominate the leading live streaming platform, there are plenty of Twitch stars who do not play video games on a regular basis.

Some frequent the Just Chatting category, where they do various IRL activities (like cooking, drawing, etc) and chat with their viewers like they would on a live show.

Broxh: the rising wood carver

One of the rising Twitch crafters is Broxh, who is enjoying fame and success on the platform because of his wholesome streams.

In a month, the streamer garnered about 500,000 new followers – which is an impressive feat for any small-time Twitch personality.

Rightfully so, he is considered as one of Twitch’s latest phenomenon alongthe likes of hardcore gamers and TikTok stars like Neekolul.

Bob Ross of carving

Broxh’s wholesome-natured streams earned him the title of the “Bob Ross of carving”, paying homage to the late painter known for his wholesome attitude in his videos.

He also calls his fans and viewers as “whanau”, the Maori word for “extended family”, and treats them as such.

Although the 28-year-old also plays World of Warcraft, he’s best known for his carving talents as he streams “Whakairo,” or the Maori art of carving.

He was the first featured content creator in Twitch Australia and New Zealand’s Creative Showcase in late April.

Before his recognizable channel and brand growth, his streams only got an average of five viewers.

Going viral

His rather surprising and humble reaction to gifted subs went viral, after he tried to refund the paid subs back.

“Ah, bro. You didn’t have to. Can I give that money back?”

Many collectively agreed that the artist’s humility and kindness proved to be a great breather on the platform, which is recently filled with toxicity and entitlement.

Since then, more viewers started to regularly tune in to his streams and even give him paid subs.

However, Broxh continued to encourage his viewers to watch for free and not spend their hard-earned money on him.

It’s because of this that he decided to turn off Twitch’s donation button to his videos back in early May.

“it feels bad, within myself, turning that button on with what’s going on— like I’d feel real bad with it if I turned it on in these hard times.”

Even when fellow streamer PandaTV revealed that he wanted to send him a brand new computer to replace the poor-quality laptop he’s been using all this time, the latter only said:

“Aghh, please don’t.”

A follower also raised the thought of (hypothetically) giving him a million dollars if he had it. Broxh only replied :

“If you had a million dollars and gave it to me, I would slap you silly for doing that bro … Trying to give me a million dollars? Get outta here, man! But thank you brother, you’re the man.”

Broxh’s wholesome and good-hearted attitude evident in his streams continues to lure in more viewers to his broadcasts.

Even Twitch representatives acknowledged the star’s similarities to the famous Bob Ross.

“There are those that call him the wood carver’s Bob Ross, others call him Broxh Ross.

We like to just call him @Broxh_”

Fans collectively compliment the streamer for his humble mindset and attitude:

“Appreciate you and your positivity. bless you, and hoping for nothing but well-being during these times.”

“He’s a legend! So calm. Great to show the twitch world what the kiwis can do!”

“Definitely well deserved, its good to see him get partner in the short time he was featured. So humble and full of great stories & knowledge its great to watch”

And when asked about what he intends to do with the profit he made from his stream,  despite donations being turned off and discouraged subs, Broxh says:

“I’ll probably just buy more wood for the stream and give the rest away to family and my mother.”

Sounds like Broxh is truly the nicest guy on Twitch!

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