Interactive thriller game “Gamer Girl” draws significant online backlash

“Gamer Girl,” a horror FMV centered on the life of a streamer, attracted public outcry and ridicule.

The said interactive thriller game enables you to work as a chat moderator for a huge streamer, thus having the power to protect her from awful comments in the chat.

Pulled out

Since the backlash, the teaser trailer for Gamer Girl has been pulled from YouTube.

The game (made available for PC, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in September) lets you play as a popular streamer’s chat moderator and personal contact.

It’s unlike any game we’ve seen before. For one, you’ll be handling a chat log and maintaining personal contact with popular girl streamer, Abicake99 (Alexandra Burton) in the game.

Accordingly, you will make decisions about the posts in her chat, respond to her Direct Messages, and work to help Abi succeed. Do note that she may fire you if you mess up your job.

The title is branded as the first “improvised” FMV game. It drew initial comparisons to found-footage movies like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

It also presents some horror-thriller elements, as you will follow and protect Abicake99 from an in-game predator. Brace yourself for some dangerous real-world scenarios as you play!


Wales Interactive, the game’s publisher, explains that the game is designed to raise awareness regarding online abuse:

“Gamer Girl is about the impact user comments and actions have on a streamer’s mental health and wellbeing.  The reason why FMV Future created the game was to raise the issue of the toxic environment which can often appear online behind the anonymity of a username…”

There will be micromanagement elements in the game, where you’ll be able to manage comments, reward or ban community members, and unlock more mod abilities.

Gamer Girl, in a gist, is all about helping Abbi succeed in her streaming career and keeping her safe from harm.

You may also influence the content she does, or start drama to help increase her ratings.

Stereotypical portrayal

A number of popular streamers such as FAUXRE and gnarlyrita took to social media to criticize the game based on its trailer.

They pointed out the stereotypical portrayal of female streamers and the use of online abuse to generate entertainment, which is a very real problem for a lot of streamers.

“…This looks like a simp’s bizarre fever-dream mixed with a homicidal freak’s curiosity.”


“This is a joke right..because some female streamers actually deal with creeps like the “mods” in our chat all the time. the fact they’re making a game like this actually makes me sick. what a way to implement more crazy ideas into people’s heads.”

Aside from pulling the trailer from circulating, Wales Interactive also deleted the press marketing materials for the game’s announcement.

At this point, only time can tell if the game will still drop in September.

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