PewDiePie raises $106k for BLM efforts after charity stream

YouTube icon PewDiePie joins a long list of other prominent celebrities and influencers who raised money for the victims of police violence amid protests.

Over a recent charity stream, he single handedly raised $160K to support the historic movement.


Following the tragic murder of George Floyd, national protests in the USA and overseas began to gain traction.

To help the movement, Pewdiepie decided to raise money and help global protests against systemic racism and police brutality in general.

He revealed the generous contribution of $106k with the help of his ever-supportive community on YouTube:

“Today is a day that I just feel so damn grateful for so many things. An amazing wife, friends and family but also so damn proud of my audience on YT! We managed to raise over $106k + 10k (my contribution) to victims of police violence, the sentencing project and for small business effected by looting/riots.”

The internet sensation didn’t belittle every donation he received from fans, no matter how much the amount was. Big or small, it deserved the same level of gratefulness on his end.

“That’s a massive impact, THANK YOU to every single donation that was made and to everyone that came to watch. Huge PP! 👊FLOOR GANG.”

Positive change

Last week, he raised awareness over George Floyd’s untimely passing. To Pewds, “No one should ever have to die like this.”

“I’m sure you’ve all seen the sickening video of George Floyd getting killed. So many people are rightfully angry and want to make things right. I think we all wish there was an easy answer and been struggling myself with how to participate and make a positive change.”

He further wrote about looking for charities and other options to support that will help the cause:

“I’m looking into charities and options that we can support for future livestreams, if you have suggestions do let me know. No one should ever have to die like this.”

Generous influencers

Pewdiepie joins other celebrity streamers like Ninja, shroud, and Pokimane, who also used their massive reach to raise awareness about the unjust system.

Fortnite pro Ninja has gotten quite vocal with his recent tweets in his desire to advocate for change.

“It’s not just about justice, that’s only part of the battle. We need major police reform, changes in laws that hold the future of all police responsible for their actions, and much more. We are just getting started.”

Even shroud took to Twitter to acknowledge his “white privilege,” and spoke against racial inequality:

“As a privileged white person I will never fully understand, but I do know that racial inequality is wrong. I’m committed to listening, learning, understanding, and supporting the movement. We need to do better for ourselves, each other, and future generations.”

Meanwhile, Pokimane changed his Twitter display name to include the hashtag #BLM— which stands for the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

She further revealed all donations she got from a recent stream went towards a BLM-related fund.

We stan content creators who are using their platforms for the greater good!

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