Pewdiepie Almost Quits Minecraft Series when his Base Caught Fire

After his Minecraft house caught fire, Youtube icon Pewdiepie was so close to quitting his famous sandbox game series.

He even described the unfortunate situation as worse than getting robbed in real life.

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg was honest enough to admit he was devastated when his Minecraft house went up in flames.

The devastating situation pushed him to “almost quit” the sandbox title.

Back in June, he successfully launched his titular Minecraft series which was a game-changer for the industry.

He also took credit (rightfully so) for making Minecraft the number one most viewed game on the platform in 2019.

But, the Minecraft star obviously spiralled into a crisis during his December 8th upload when his in-game base unexpectedly caught fire.

The circumstances prompted him scrambling to save all of his work.

His recent upload titled “Minecraft Disaster Happened. *almost quit*” quickly began with a clip of him in distraught as he discovered that his in-game house had mysteriously caught on fire.

Yelling hysterically after he entered the burning building to check the damage, he was calling after his beloved Minecraft dog — Sven.

“Oh my god! Sven!”

As he successfully entered the burning premise, he then saw large portions of his wooden structure on fire.

“Oh god, how did this happen?! Oh nooo! Stop it!”

Using his axe to destroy the blocks of wood that had been caught on fire, Pewds ran around the room before noticing that his iconic cooking area was engulfed in flames.

“Not the red stove!”

As to what started the fire?

Turns out lava that was deep under his house had risen up, which he only discovered when he dropped to the lower level.

“Oh my god it burned from bottom ground to up… I need water. Why didn’t I go for water?!”

With the flames spreading further, Pewds was hysterically shouting through out his recent upload.

A rather scary moment was caught on cam as his dog Sven was also caught on fire, but fortunately, the Youtuber was quick to throw water on his virtual canine in an attempt to save him.

Eventually successful in putting the fires out, massive damage has been done to his original Minecraft base.

Pewds described the unfortunate situation as worse than getting robbed in real life (which recently happened to him and his wife Marzia’s newly bought house in Japan).

His Minecraft Disaster upload landed the #9 spot on the trending list for gaming. And as of writing, it garnered over 3.5 million views

Despite the massive structural damage to the base structure, the Youtuber was able to rebuild his house after 2 hours.

That said, he’s even made some spectacular additions to it — such as an elevator. Talk about unlikely upgrades!

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